Foods That Stop Cancer That Your Doctor Doesn't Know About

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When it comes to diet there are foods that cause cancer and there are foods that stop it from growing. If someone is dealing with the problem it's all about making the correct food choices. It's as simple as that. Our diets have changed and many of the foods we now consume are so processed they are nutritional poor. The first thing someone must do is change their diet and consume the food that fights cancer which is freshly grown produce and remove the foods which stimulate our desires but cause the problem.

Why is it that our doctors don't know about using food to treat cancer? Unfortunately today our orthodox ways of treating all degenerative diseases are all money orientated. Drug therapy and other procedures such as radiation all return a profit and that's why we have those treatments. While our drug based medicine works well for some medical conditions, those who have researched and understand natural medicine knows by far that nature is the best choice, as it always has been when it comes to preventing and treating chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer.

Cancer wherever it appears is always a disease of the whole body and the growth is just a symptom of the disease. This is why it often returns again after our orthodox treatments where they are only focused on removing growths. A cancerous growth is a sign from the body that you are doing something wrong. That means you must treat and support the whole body and you do that by treating the person with the problem instead of just treating the growths themselves.

Research into our natural foods is finding it to be enormously complex. Fruit and vegetables contain thousands of different compounds called phytonutrients or phytochemicals plus a host of vitamins and minerals including the all important fiber. Many of the compounds within these natural foods are the ones that give them their hues and many of these brightly colored foods are the ones that will prevent and help stop cancer from spreading.

A diet that will prevent or stop cancer that you won't be informed about, has to include freshly grown and in season fruit and vegetables from a variety of colors such as;

  • Red – tomatoes, red peppers, red onions, strawberries, watermelon
  • Orange vegetables – carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, butter nut
  • Orange fruit – Mangoes, papaya, pineapple, peaches, nectarines
  • Green – spinach, broccoli, water cress, silver beet, green beans, avocados
  • Blue / purple – grapes, plums, blueberries

Consuming fruit and vegetables in their natural state is an important way to stop any degenerative disease because freshly grown food is our medicine that keeps us well and disease free. They are whole foods created and grown by nature, and nobody can improve on nature. When you eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables it's a simple way to get the maximum amount of natural compounds into your diet as possible.

People who are dealing with cancer are not informed about the importance of a change with their diet and there are a great many facts that doctors don't know and researches are yet to learn about the benefits of eating a healthy plant based diet.

Source by Alan Wighton

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