Do You Have Liver Disease? Symptoms and Treatment

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Did you know that liver disease afflicts more than 30% of all Americans? What, you are not sure what are it's symptoms? Neither was I …

Back in 2005 I suffered from permanent nausea all. I remember I couldn't even do long commutes for fear of throwing up while on the road. I recall consulting many doctors but none identified the disease. In fact, even I, a medical student obviously interested in my own health, couldn't.

But one day it finally was discovered – I suffered from steatosis, or fatty live r .

This is an insidious disease that can lead to cirrhosis and death and yet it is barely mentioned to doctors-in-training how they can detect it early on and reverse it.

Fortunately, nausea is not the only symptom of fatty liver. If you suffer from two or more of the following, you may have this disease and will benefit from a liver care program:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Obesity (especially when you have tried to lose weight before and couldn't or if you constantly hit weight loss plateaus )
  • Bad breath
  • Rashes
  • Lightheadness
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol

However, once you reverse the disease all that will go away. In fact, my nausea ceased in less than one week after altering my diet and taking a liver supplement and I shed 22 pounds in three weeks! And they never came back.

So if you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above it will do you good start a liver care program. You don't need much – just change your diet and take a supplement for a week and verify the results yourself . I guarantee that if you have a liver problem (and it is highly likely you do) you will be relieved from many of the health problems that plagued you over the years.

Source by Miguel Oliveira

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