List of Diseases Cured Best by Naturopathy

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Allopathic medicines have become a refuge for us all. Whether it's a slight pain or a fatal disease, we keep ourselves surrounded by Allopathic medicines. Allopathic medicines are helpful, but they also have their side effects. In most cases, people using Allopathic medicines get quick relief from their pain, but in the long run suffering from the side effects bought about by it. Naturopathy is slow compared to Allopath but it guarantees a cure free of side effects. Naturopathy can be used to cure all kinds of diseases. In fact, some diseases are best cured by Naturopathy.


Infertility is a growing concern. If you look at the statistics from recent years the number of women suffering from infertility is at an all-time high. There are a lot of medicines that claim to solve infertility, but they're not all effective. According to a survey done by the World Health Organization in 2010, approximately 48.5 million couples all over the world suffer from infertility. Naturopathy approaches infertility from a holistic perspective and fears the problem to its very core.

Autoimmune diseases

As the name suggests, autoimmune diseases are caused by unusual activity in our immune system. The immune system has been endowed with the responsibility to prevent attacks from foreign bodies that weakened us and make us sick. What happens when the immune system fails to fulfill its responsibility? An autoimmune disease is the inevitable exit. Naturopathy does not try to stop the disease from damaging the body; instead it repairs the damage that has already been done. Once the damage has been repaired, the body's immune system helps Naturopathy in preventing the spread of the disease. It is because of this approach that Naturopathy is best suited to deal with autoimmune diseases.

Brain disorders

Brain disorders such as, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Schizophrenia and Autism have affected many minds. Naturopathy helps these impaired minds. It uses supplements which are known to stimulate, repair and protect the brain from the conditions that prevent normal functionality. These supplements offer antioxidants, oxygen and nutrition to the brain, and stimulates blood flow. That is what makes Naturopathy the best cure for brain disorders.


Naturopathy has worked wonders for people suffering from allergies. It is important to point out that Naturopathy has offered complete remission to many patients. The treatment may vary sometimes, but usually Naturopathy follows a basic approach to allergies. The very first step involves identifying the chief triggers of the problem. After identification, measures are taken to minimize or eliminate the problem. In the second half of the treatment, the immune system is trained to follow its natural routine to avoid the occurrence of these diseases in the future.

These diseases can bring a person's life to a staggering halt. However, with Naturopathy you can get it moving again, that too without any side effects. The type of medicines you choose to cure your diseases play a very important role in deciding the tenure of your suffering, which is why you must choose them wisely.

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