How Herbs for Respiratory Health Helps

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Respiratory health: All you need to know

A good respiratory health means lesser occurrence of flu, cold, cough, asthma and allergy in one’s lifetime. Though it is not under the control of human being to allow or disallow the respiratory ailments, one can still get rid of it by applying proper medications.

Cough is one of the major among other respiratory ailments that always trouble people. Despite advancement in medicines, asthma and allergy are still common just as flu or cold. The occurrence of these conditions is becoming more frequent. Modern medicine is unable to cure respiratory infections permanently. Hence, majority of people are turning to herbs to relieve respiratory conditions.

The respiratory system is vital for the growth as well as movement of the body. This system by supplying oxygen helps produce energy. However, once the efficiency of the respiratory system begins to diminish, the energy process of one’s body will also diminish.

Chronic pulmonary lung infections have dramatically increased in the past two decades. Smog, carbon monoxide poisoning and second-hand smoke are around everyone and in every breath we take. Protecting the lungs is a constant requirement for each individual. The respiratory system without proper nutrition is likely to function less than its optimal level.

Herbal remedies and herbs have played an important role to build and cleanse the respiratory system since ages. Following are some of the most effective herbs for respiratory health that work wonders.

Herbs for good respiratory health

1. Echinacea:

This herb helps in producing leukocytes that help in fighting against infections along with encouraging the production of interferon, a chemical that is made by the body for fighting against viruses. This herb works wonders in boosting the immune system that is affected by lack of sleep or recent stress and is also highly effective in treating the initial signs of a cold. It has proven effectiveness in treating sore throat, fever and cough. Additionally, sinusitis and hay fever can also be soothed with this herb. This is one of the best herbs for respiratory health.

2. Mullein: For ages, mullein has been used as a traditional cure to treat coughs that help in soothing bronchi and dry and inflamed throats. It is also beneficial for clearing mucus, allays and bronchial spasms. Mullein is well-known for treating bronchitis, asthma, colds, flu and emphysema and is a favorite natural respiratory herb.

3. Ginger: Ginger helps in blood circulation along with reducing phlegm production. It is known for promoting respiratory health, eliminating pollutants and relieving congestion. It works wonders for asthma patients because it aids in healing the constriction of the air passages. This herb increases lung capacity thereby helping one with chronic bronchitis. This is one of the most recommended herbs for respiratory health.

4. Long pepper: Indian long pepper acts as a powerful stimulant that is beneficial for the respiratory system. It contains rejuvenating properties that help in healthy functioning of the lungs and also treats cold, mucus and wet linked to the conditions of the lungs. Long pepper also works as an effective digestive agent.

Try these herbs for respiratory health and keep respiratory infections at bay.

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