Healing Hepatitis And Liver Diseases Naturally – Alternative Treatments

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Hepatitis and liver disease-Alternative treatments

“Modern medicine does not allow for the healing potential inherent in each individual. A program for liver health includes a diet designed to alleviate liver stress or disease, plus an effective herbal formula and other dietary supplements such as antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Such program will cause liver enzymes to return to normal range as well as decreased or low viral load. The liver will get better and a long and a healthy life can be anticipated.” Herbalist Christopher Hobbs

About30 million American have liver disease. Liver disease is the fourth leading cause of death in America. Over 550,000 people worldwide die from liver cancer each year -a preventable complication of liver disease. One in one hundred thousand Americans have a truly functional liver. About 25,000 Americans die each year from liver cancer. Liver cirrhosis is the seventh leading cause of death in America.

Often overlooked is the pain associated with orthodox management of infective and degenerative liver diseases and the promise alternative remedies have to offer. The question often asked is which herbs and nutrients are crucial to my healing? How much should I take? What about the latest infomercial? And who can we believe with so many choices out there?A comprehensive nutrition program that combines the right herbal formula and attitudinal healing holds the key to making the right choices is found in the ground breaking book ‘Healing hepatitis And liver Disease Naturally’

Hepatitis as the name implies, is primarily an inflammation and not an infection. Itis caused by a wide variety of factors that includes viral attacks, inappropriate immune responses to chemical toxins (autoimmune hepatitis), environmental toxins, drugs, and alcohol (alcoholic hepatitis). Hepatitis is either viral or non-viral. Viral hepatitis is caused by contagious viruses that have special affinities for the liver cells of humans. It is also referred to as infectious hepatitis. Non-viral hepatitis or non-contagious hepatitis is also referred to as toxic hepatitis. There are five form of contagious viral hepatitis which are classified alphabetically:hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. The hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E viruses cause acute hepatitis while the B, C, and D viruses can lead to chronic infections. Chronic hepatitis is a hepatitis infection lasting more than six months. Another type of hepatitis is called fluminant hepatitis, a severe and potentially fatal form of acute hepatitis.

The conventional emphasis on viral loads in the management of infective hepatitis is like blaming the policemen for the prisoners in the jail house. The viral loads that conventional medicine uses as its therapeutic yardstick are an effect and not the cause of hepatitis. It is like putting the horse before the boggy. Just like a weed that flourishes in a favorable soil environment and no matter how much we control its growth, unless we change the soil environment the weeds will always flourish. So, too, with viruses, diseases, and cancer cells. When the internal environment is fertile, viruses multiply. As we change our internal environment we reduce our loads, cirrhotic progression, and cancer propensity.

The treatment of infectious hepatitis as an infection to justify expensive orthodox therapy is a medical disgrace. Hepatitis inflammation does not require steroids either, but dietary factors that reverse cellular inflammation as explained in Dr. Floyd H. Chilton’s book The War Within. Viruses are lifeless entities that cannot exist on their own without a favorable internal host environment. The internal environment that favors viral replication is constitutional acidity and fermentation which in simple English is inflammation and low immune resistance. The emphasis on the viral component and the use of anti-virals in the management of infective hepatitis is like pouring gasoline on fire or salt on a wound. These anti-viral drugs increase extracellular matrix toxicity-the launching pad for viral replication. As anti-viral remedies engage the viruses, the host’s body is caught in the ensuring crossfire which manifests as the side effects associated with anti-viral use. These adverse reactions are often worse than the disease.

The adverse reactions associated with drug use are due to their exacerbation of liver inflammation. In Dr. Strand’s book Death by Prescription, he points out to the fact that “while the Centers for Disease Control estimate that office-based physicians prescribe approximately 100 million courses of antibiotics yearly, viruses do not respond to antibiotics. One’s own immune system will normally get rid of them with time.” Ironically, the common cold and stomach viruses that do not respond to any anti-viral or antibiotic remedy always depend on the immune system for resolution. Interferon, Baraclude, Hepsera, Epivir, and Viread that are used to treat infective hepatitis cost above $600 for a 30-day supply.

Interferon was originally used to treat hairy-cell leukemia in 1986. The FDA approved its use for the management of HCV in 1991 i.e. to prevent the replication of HCV by empowering the immune system, reducing viral loads, slowing inflammation, addressing liver damage, and normalizing liver enzymes.Interferon is in immune system cells that make infected cells self-destruct or commit suicide to prevent further infection. Ironically, synthetic interferon does not have any resemblance to our innate interferon; hence its use is like using a delivery van to break into your front door to deliver your groceries. Since they don’t fit the body’s chemistry, they do not have the wherewithal to launch the immunological response needed for viral clearance. We need to redirect our emphasis away from attacking the virus to managing the viral environment. Since viruses are lifeless creatures that become alive only in an inflammatory environment, by addressing inflammation with herbs, detoxification, diets, lifestyle changes, and nutrition, we cut off the supply lines for viral multiplication and consequently reverse liver disease. By clearing the extracellular space and lymphatic system of cellular debris and metabolic wastes, we strengthen the immune system. By reversing liver inflammation, we optimize immune function which ultimately eradicates the viruses as explained by Doctors Strand and Chilton.

Developing complimentary alternative remedies

The liver-repairing, immune-stimulating, and bile-moving herbs unlock the cell walls via the extracellular matrix (ECM). Thus, the healing and anti-viral substances can penetrate deep into the nucleus. This creates an opening for botanical antiviral herbs to move in and mop up the viruses. Detoxification with cleansing herbs guarantee that the dead pathogenic viral agents are eliminatedthe natural way. Regenerating herbs stimulate and rebuild the extracellular matrix and cells to produce a natural healthy body. Throughout the body, the extracellular matrix is the space between cells. This space is responsible for most basic functions that include nutrition, waste removal, acid-alkaline balance, cell communication, inflammatory, and immune response. The basic understanding of this often-ignored space along with its proper regulation is pivotal to successfully treating chronic degenerative diseases. In this modern world, it is easy to become over-burdened with toxins-and it is not your fault. Every year, over 1,000 new chemicals are released on the market, many not fully tested for their effects on the human body.

Through the actions of herbs we’re able to turn the tables in our favor and make viruses play by our rules. The liver herbs change our internal environment to one of natural health, literally unlocking our health from the inside out. What’s more, not only do these herbs make us feel amazing, they create an environment so repulsive and uninhabitable for the viruses within us that they wave the white flag. This uninhabitable environment forces the viruses into retreating. We have now essentially changed the rules.

The blood tonic cleans the blood of toxins and metabolic wastes that feed viral multiplication or perpetuates cirrhotic damage. By eliminating wastes there is more oxygen-carrying capacity for the hemoglobin. Viruses cannot replicate in oxygen-rich blood. As we cleanse the blood, we increase its alkalinity and change cellular metabolism from fermentation to oxidation. Hepatic herbs in the book ‘Healing Hepatitis And Liver Disease Naturally’ hold the key to eradicating the hepatitis viruses from the body.

Lymphatic massage, physical exercise, deep breathing, colonic irrigation, far-infrared saunas, and foot de-tox all work collaboratively to reduce the toxic load of the liver and eliminate sluggishness that predisposes the liver to viral infection, viral multiplication, and progression of liver disease through cirrhosis to its terminal point of cancer.

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