10 Tips for a Longer Life and Great Health – Back to the Basics

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In today’s fast paced lifestyle, many of the basic foundations of good health have gone by the wayside. Take the time to remember the tried and true steps to great health and you’ll live a longer, happier life.

1. Prevention is a lot better than a cure. Living a healthy lifestyle is a lot easier than trying to get over any kind of disease.

2. Balanced living is important. Not all work, not all play. Not too much stress. Some meaningful relationships, but also meaningful time alone with God. Some service to doing good and helping others, but not so much as to consume all your quality time with God, your family and your friends.

3. Eating habits. Lots of fruits & veggies. Fiber and bowel cleansing are extremely important. Eat raw foods everyday. Raw foods are important as they add enzymes that assist in digestion. Several helpings of fruits and veggies daily will help your health.

4. Good bowel movement daily. Consume plenty of fiber and drink lots of water.

5. Watch your weight ! Raw fruits and vegetables are low in calories and aid digestion. Do not eat a lot of refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, white bread, white spaghetti, instant rice, crackers, etc. Obesity in this country is rampant, leading to an epidemic in Diabetes.

6. Get adequate exercise. Simply taking a daily walk burns calories and aids in digestion and elimination.

7. Refresh your body with sleep. 8 hours for most people. Sleep without distractions and have complete darkness if possible.

8. REMOVE THOSE TOXINS !. We are exposed to many toxins throughout our lives. Exhaust fumes, cleaning supplies, mercury, lead, aluminum, parasites, etc. Fortunately, our bodies do get rid of most toxins. However, we don’t throw off all toxins, and over the years, toxins will build up. It is important to eliminate toxins since a build-up of them can contribute to a host of diseases.

9. Take good quality vitamin and mineral supplements. Generally, we don’t get everything we need from foods. High quality supplements can help in preventing illness and disease.

10. Have a benefits plan in times of need. Todays Health Care in America is in total chaos. Corporations and employers are claiming extreme Medical, Dental, Prescription, and Vision costs are driving them toward bankruptcy. Healthcare is changing toward consumer driven benefits plans. There are plans available to keep you from personally ending up in financial straits.

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