Why Food is Like an Alternative Health Therapy

Published On June 5, 2019 | By Les Ouvriers De Jésus Christ | Uncategorized

The best alternative health therapy anyone could ever pursue does not have anything to do with expensive supplements or unconventional electronic devices. It simply consist of changing what you eat.

The book, "Living Food Cures: The Amazing Stories of 11 People Who Beat Disease Using Raw & Whole Foods" reveals truths most raw food enthusiasts have known for years. But most people still find it hard to believe that tens of thousands of individuals have successfully pursued a nutritional approach to reversing conditions most doctors in the medical community would say are, "incurable."

Just because I believe the best alternative health therapy involves things like fresh vegetable juices, an abundance of green salads and delicious fruit smoothies, you may get the impression I'm against "conventional medicine." That is not true.

But if you've ever been exposed to stories about individuals who found healing for acute diseases from what they put on their plate … as opposed to what they borrowed from a drug store … it may be hard not to ask yourself whether always relying upon conventional medicine is the single best approach to eliminating disease and experiencing bodily healing.

As a wise sage once said, "For many persons, MD stands for" My Diety. "In other words, if some medical doctor says something then it must never be questioned.

But questions can be asked about conventional medicine in the same way that skeptics would question a nutritional attempt at healing. For example: Is it wrong for a sick patient to ask their doctor either or not taking medications to simply mask symptoms is a path towards true healing?

Is devastating chemotherapy good medicine considering how sick many patients get when under it? Does it make sense to try experimental drugs if a proven nutritional approach to healing has not been tried first?

Such questions are worth asking. Are they not?

Each and every day, doctors inform tens of thousands of people across the globe that they've been diagnosed with a certain illness. For many individuals hearing this news means their life will never be the same again. For some the consequence of receiving such a report could mean the beginning of the end of their physical life.

If you or a loved one has received a gloomy report from a doctor then you know how fear and surely can quickly invade your life. It's for this reason that books such as Living Food Cures often encourage individuals who face serious chronic disease or other health challenges. It's also why thousands of people are now paying much more attention to the foods that they eat in order to try and keep themselves from having to battle a debilitating or terminal illness in the future.

Does this sound too good to be true? It might. I certainly thought about 15 years ago … when I first heard stories about very sick people getting well from serious illnesses after simply changing their diet.

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