Health Insurance Quotes on a Rise

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The United States gave a mandatory insurance law in 1798 under the second president and founding father, John Adams. This law was made mandatory for any private employees and maritime vessels that were modern ones and this act was carried out for several years.

The health care system in the United States deals heavily on private health insurance companies now and it is the source of primary health care for consumers in America. In the late 1900's and 2000's, health advocacy companies began emerging with assisting patients to overcome complexes in the healthcare system. The complexity of the health care system directed in an assortment of problems for the citizens living in America. With increasing expenses and improvement of healthcare, studies show that 62 percent of individuals that declared bankruptcy in 2007 had unpaid medical expenses of $ 1000 or more. Moreover, 92 percent of these cases had medical debts that exceeded $ 5000 and private insurance companies were estimated to rapidly report 50 percent of all national health spending. How did it come to this?

Recent studies on factors affecting the increase in health insurance quotes show as follows:

1. Increase in utilization created by the increase of consumer claims – Lifestyle related factors are the source of increase in utilization. Self inflated illnesses such as obesity, excessive consumption of alcohol, inhalation of tobacco smoke and recreational drug use lead to healthcare concerns. This in turn increases consumer claims for insurance.

2. New treatments with higher priced technology and more intensive diagnostic testing – Everyday, doctors and scientists look for new methods and effective remedies for complicated diseases such as Cancer, AIDS, Ebola Hemorrhagic fever, etc. So more time and money spent on medical resources and of course, with the development of medicine comes with improved technology that assists the development of these cures.

3. Age – Civilians in advanced countries are living longer and the populations are aging so before senior citizens require more medical attention than the younger healthier residents. That health insurance can assure protection for the elder population.

It is not surprising to discover that 80 percent of the population that filed for bankruptcy are still insured. People with moderate and low incomes are affected mostly by these factors however; there are cheaper online health insurance quotes that assist people from the middle and lower classes with finance confinement.

Numerous websites provide free online health insurance quotes. These sites will provide options for you to select from all affordable online insurance quotes and medical coverage policies. You can compare these online insurance quotes to select the cheapest and most reliable health insurance company for you and your family.

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