Future Healing Techniques in the Present

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Many Physicians and Scientists presented At the recent 37th Annual 2008 International Orthomolecular Medicine today Conference.

Dr Abram Hoffer, one of the founders is known for his contributions is the field of mental Health using Orthomolecular medicine with Psychiatry. Their findings using B6 for side effects of Tardive Dyskinesia and Parkinson like symptoms proved successful and Omega 3 for depression and some forms of chronic Psychosis.

Margot Kidder stated she was cured, not put in remission, but cured using the Orthomolecular treatment.

Linus Pauling, a double Nobel Prize laureate, coined the phase Orthomolecular medicine, years ago. The treatment is primarily vitamins and nutrition, the information can be found on the web and the Schizophrenia Foundation in California. There are some doctors practicing here in the states using these techniques. However, it started and is used by most doctors in Canada.

Standard nutritional therapy to lower homocysteine ​​levels use folic acid and vitamins b 12 and B6. This has proved to be effective especially with chronic Schizophrenia.

An article from the Quarterly of the International Schizophrenia Foundation titled "The Homocysteine ​​Reducing Strategies improve symptoms in Chronic Schizophrenia Patients" reported how elevated homocyteine ​​levels are a risk factor for several diseases, including Alzheimer's and cerebrovascular disease, as well as Schizophrenia.

In her books The Natural medicine Guide to BIPOLAR DISORDER AND The Natural Medicine Guide To Schizophrenia, Stephanie Marohn explains how using Energy and Orthomolecular medicine along with Cranial Osteopathy, light and other types of modalities, can offer cures for chronic mental disorders thought to be incurable .

An instructor of Hypnosis once said he received a call from a couple of Psychiatricists asking him to see one of their patients. "We are our last resort. We tried all we could and nothing has worked. The only thing left is a Lobotomy." "What have you tried?" the instructor asked. The answer was just about everything. They went on to explain the patient was worse. She could not sleep, had ticks and habits she did not display before. The instructor asked "Why was not I your first choice, all I do is talk to her?"

To simplify, Orthomolecular and Energy Psychology are methods that seem to be successful where others have failed. Using primarily nutrients and amino acids Orthomolecular certainly does not present a danger to the patient. Nutrition prescribed, along with Energy Psychology techniques can only help even Schizophrenia. At the very least, this would be ones best chance. Why try extremes? Try the easy way first. Keeping your doctor informed. If it does not work, you can always move on to other alternatives.

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