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This news can either be to sensitize people on the magnitude of the condition or help those living with the condition. Asthma news can be found in the form of newspapers, magazines, web sites, books and television programmes. This news is very important. It helps us get to know how to deal with this condition whose prevalence is rising day by day. The prevalence is rising as a result of air pollution and drug resistance. Urbanization and industrialization are the main causes of air pollution.

Asthma news can also be found in asthma treatment centers. These centers have professional asthma doctors who help the patients deal with the condition. Asthma as a condition should be sensitized even in the workplaces. This is to avoid occupational asthma. Pregnant women should be warned on the dangers of smoking while pregnant. This increases the chances of getting a baby with the condition. Smokers too are at a higher risk of developing the problem.

When people get to know the dangers of such extreme lifestyles, in most cases they will change and do things that are more health friendly. When people get more information on the condition, making life easier for those living with the condition is more possible.

You will find that people living with asthma disease get more help from people around them. People around those who have the condition should know how to help these patients. An asthma attack can occur any time and anywhere. These days, there are organizations that are trying to sensitize the condition by holding seminars, television programmes and magazines. These organizations are WHO, National heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA).

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