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By now all of us have heard all the warnings about the swine flu. This flu is a new influenza virus that is spread from person to person in the exact same way as the regular seasonal flu spreads. There are simple steps that you can take to help keep yourself healthy this flu season.

There is some basic information that you should know about the swine flu. It can be spread when anyone at the Kankakee County hospital coughs or sneezes. When someone coughs or sneezes into their hands rather than into their elbow, they will spread the flu virus onto all the surfaces that they touch. When someone else then touches that surface and then touches their eyes, mouth or nose, they will then be in direct contact with the swine flu virus. The swine flu really isn’t any stronger than the seasonal flu, but since the strain is a new one, very few people have immunity to it. This means that the virus will spread more quickly and will infect more people. Those who are at high risk for serious complications from the flu, will most likely wind up getting it.

If you feel as though washing your hands thoroughly and coughing into your elbow isn’t enough to protect you from the swine flu, you can consider getting the H1N1 vaccine. Your local Kankakee County healthcare provider will be able to inform you better as to what is the right steps for you to take. Pregnant women, those 6 months through 24 years old, and those who are at higher risk of complications because of chronic health disorders or compromised immune systems should all consider getting the vaccine. Like any vaccine the swine flu vaccine has its share of potential side effects. You should consult with your doctor to discuss them in further detail.

The symptoms of the swine flu are similar to the seasonal flu. Fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Diarrhea and vomiting have also presented as symptoms in some patients. Before rushing to your Kankakee Illinois healthcare provider, call them first. Your doctor will decide if you need to go to the hospital or not. If you feel that the symptoms that you or your child are experiencing are that severe, a visit to the hospital will probably be needed. It is extremely important that you maintain communication with your doctor and take whatever advice he gives you.

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