Five Top Home Remedies For Pupp Rash Relief

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Pupp rash is a very itchy skin condition that some women develop during the third semester of pregnancy. It also can occur at an earlier stage of pregnancy. Many women find it arises in the stretch mark areas of the abdomen but can develop on the legs, arms, butt and chest area as well.

Trying to sleep with an itchy rash and big belly can seem almost impossible. If you have pupps, take a deep breath and remind yourself that your baby will not be harmed and this is temporary. When we know something is time-limited we ften can change our perspective. Most women will find the itching and rash ceases within a short period of delivering the baby. Of course, this can be a long period of time, if pupp rash develops during month six of pregnancy.

The mind is a powerful tool so keep your spirits up by visualizing your life with your newborn child in your arms, at the park and the bond you’ll share. Use visualizations, cds, decorating the baby’s room and other tools to focus on your child.

Here are some of the top home remedies for pupp rash relief that women recommend. Keep in mind that aspirin may be absorbed by the body so watch out for products that may have this ingredient that you rub on your body. Always check with your doctor.

1) Pine Tar Soap

Pine tar soap is recommended for a number of itchy skin conditions including eczema rashes. When you take a shower, wash your body with it using warm water that is not hot. Some women have commented that the red hives and itching started fading in two to five days.

2) Olive Oil

Apply to skin while it is remains wet after taking a shower. Some women have found relief also with coconut oil.

3) Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is a supplement available at health food stores that is said to aid the liver..

4) Baking Soda with Water Mix

Some women have found that mixing together baking soda with water and then applying to the skin has been a helpful solution. Corn starch in dry form can also be applied for temporary relief.

5) Banana Peels

I’ve read about this as a successful aid for other skin rash problems such as diaper rashes, poison ivy rash and itchy skin bites. Apply this to the pupps rash and get some relief. It is interesting to note that banana peels have

also been used for burns and warts. They contain potassium, enzymes and fiber.

Remember that as frustrating as you may be with the itchy pupps rash, your baby’s birth will reward you a thousand times over. Use those visualizations to get through these rough days.

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