Major Medical Insurance Plans

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Major medical insurance plans offer protection against the large expenses resulting from a major injury or serious illness, paying a substantial portion of hospital and physicians’ charges after the insured person has paid a deductible amount. Major medical insurance plans offer wide coverage for almost all medical expenses up to a high maximum benefit and are offered to both groups and individuals. Some plans may have limitations related to specific services.

Supplemental major medical insurance plans can be opted to cover those expenses not otherwise covered by the basic medical plan. Comprehensive major medical insurance plans coming under group health insurance are the most common plans combining both basic and major medical needs and usually pays for approved services in a calendar year after a deductible has been satisfied. Deductibles, co-insurance, lifetime maximum benefits, and covered expenses are common for both plans.

Major medical insurance plans do not cover damages caused by self inflicted injuries, war or act of war, eye examinations to prescribe or to fit the corrective lenses, hearing aids, cosmetic treatment etc.

Major medical insurance plans are available for those traveling abroad. International health insurance plans offer comprehensive major medical coverage in all countries including the US and are designed to meet the requirements of H1, H4 and new immigrants. These plans offer comprehensive medical benefits including maternity, mental health, preventive check ups and medical evacuation. These plans have no limit on policy renewals.

Some insurance plans have started the practice of issuing reports. These reports provide the satisfaction survey results and other information on the quality. The report also gives information on how many members stay in or leave the plan, how many doctors of the plan are board certified or how long one may have to wait for an appointment.

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