How To Best, HEAL Yourself?

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While we all know, physicians are advised, to do no harm, and seek the advice of others, when their own health, is concerned, the wisest, healthiest, individuals, are those, who pay keen attention, and take a large degree of personal responsibility, for maximizing their own personal health! This includes: paying attention to changes (examine for spots, bumps, new areas of discomforts, etc); and consulting their trusted, health professional, on a proactive basis, to best address any issues, before they become more serious. Since, in a large number of circumstances, those health issues, addressed in a timely basis, often, cause far fewer threatening conditions. In other words, a wise person, does, as much as possible, to HEAL himself, or, at least, do no harm! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Honest; healing; head / heart: Don't lie to yourself, or deny any health condition. When you are honest, you pay attention, sooner, rather than later, and you assist, your overall, healing process! Take advantage of your logical components, as well as emotional ones, using a head / heart balance!

2. Energy / energize; emphasis / emphasize; enrich; endurance; excellence: Anything which improves your personal energy, and positively, energizes you, improves your overall health, happiness, and well – being! When you know, the best place to put your emphasis, and emphasize, whatever, serves your best – interest, you enrich your life, and chances, to enjoy it, more fully. Remember, living should be more of a marathon, than a sprint, and the healthiest people, proceed with personal endurance, and a desire for personal excellence, consistently!

3. Attitude; attention; actions; aptitude: When one maintains a positive, can – do, attitude, he places the bulk of his attention, on how to get the best things done, and achieved, instead of worrying about, what might go wrong! Learning, as much as possible, about your options, alternatives, and choices, enhances your aptitude, and helps you make quality decisions, and take smart actions!

4. Listen / learn; lessons; love / like: Doesn't it make sense, if you made an unwise decision, in the past, it is smart, to learn from these lessons, so you don't repeat them, and put yourself, at greater risk? Listen to the advice of qualified, trusted, health professions, and learn, as much as you possibly can! Behave in such a way, which will make you like your decisions and actions, and, try to love yourself, as much as you possibly can!

If and when, you HEAL yourself, your personal health, happiness and well – being, benefits! Help yourself, in a wise way!

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