Health Benefits of Natural Supplements For ADHD in Children With Hyperactivity

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Let's face it many doctors do not know what causes attention deficit hyperactive disorder. In fact, doctors will tell you there are few studies on the benefits of natural supplements for ADHD. The truth is there are studies about nutrition, but first let's look at what is already known.

What if I told you that a large sector of natural health doctors believe the potential cause of ADHD and hyperactivity are food additives, refined sugar, poor nutrition, food allergies, and / or heavy metal toxicity (such as lead, mercury, or cadmium) .

Many parents have already seen health improvements with hyperactivity and restlessness with their children by simply eliminating food additives, refined sugar produces and artificial sweeteners (diet sodas). As a parent it is important to research the recommended treatments for ADHD whether it be psychostimulant medications or a natural supplement for ADHD.

A recent study found boys diagnosed with ADHD had lower levels of the omega-3 essential fatty acid DHA (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition). [Purdue University 1994]

Now, if a child's health, or even an adults health can be improved by eliminating certain foods and adjusting the diet, imagine what health benefits you might be rewarded with by adding a natural supplement.

Natural Supplements for ADHD

Hyoscyamus is known to reduce restlessness and over-excitability. In general this herbal supplement may reduce outbursts, fidgeting and hyperactive behaviors.

Tuberculinum is traditionally recommended for for those who get "bored" easily. It is also beneficial for the relief of irritability, destructive behaviors and feelings of discontent.

Arsen iod extract promotes balance, reduces temperamental outbursts or temper tantrums. It also tends to reduce frustration that can occur when learning new skills.

Verta alb can be used to soothe the nerves, verta alb is often recommended by homeopaths for hyperactive children.

Other supplements to consider are Melatonin and Valerian Root (to help with sleep); a multi vitamin containing antioxidants and essential minerals; and, essential fatty acid (EFA) supplements (as in fish oil, flaxseed oil, or primrose oil).

Do yourself a favor and try natural supplements for ADHD. Combined with good nutrition and simple lifestyle changes can be a highly effective alternative treatment for ADHD in order to get rid of bothersome symptoms of ADHD such as erratic behavior, lack of concentration, hyperactivity, and twitching. Best of all, natural supplements are non-addictive and have no side effects whatsoever. Natural supplements use the power of natural ingredients to help restore balance at a cellular level in order to stabilize moods and encourage positive demeanor.

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