Health Insurance and the Level of Cover Available

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With private healthcare you're in charge. Depending on the level of cover which you choose you can pick the hospital you prefer to be treated in. This means it's one which is convenient to you and suits your family's needs.

You'll get far faster access to specialist than you would if you joined the NHS queue and if you need treatment you don't have to worry about laying out large sums of money for treatment. It's amazing just how much you'd have to pay for even simple procedures if you chose to go privately without the back-up of health insurance.

The standard of care and accommodation is really top-class. Patients just wouldn't choose to be treated there if this was not the case and word soon gets around if people are not impressed with something. Normally you're nursed in private rooms with good standards of cleanliness and the rooms and meals are hotel standard. If specialized drugs are part of your recommended treatment then you'll receive them – whereas in the NHS system there are often rationing issues and often it depends in which area you live as to the drugs you can obtain.

NHS waiting times vary depending on the area you're in but it's not unusual for them to be up to 18 weeks. Those with private medical are seen, treated, recovered and have almost forgotten about it all in that time. Time matters when you're leading a busy life and if the condition is worrying you, then by seeing a specialist and finding exactly what the position is, you'll have the security of knowing that you'll be diagnosed in the shortest possible time .

There are various options when it comes to the type of plan you choose. There's individual or family cover and you can choose from budget plans through to a complete comprehensive policy. You may choose to pay to a certain point, say for out-patient or diagnostic treatment, but to be covered should you need further in-patient or operative care. If you choose to have your treatment at the very top private hospitals, then you can expect to pay the top prices for your policy.

There are other ways of keeping the cost under control. If you limited the choice of hospitals or agreed that a portion of the claim would be met by you this could result in a reduction in the premium. No-claims bonuses are offered by some insurers.

Private health insurance does not mean that you'll never have to use the NHS. They're still there to provide the emergency service when someone is suddenly taken ill or has an accident. Beyond these situations, however, the private health system can get you the care that you need much more speedily and you can choose when and where you receive this.

When you first apply for medical insurance, it's quite usual for the insurer to ask for details of your medical history. It's really important that you are completely open with them on this matter, disclosing details of all illnesses. If you happen to make a claim in the future, your doctor will be asked for additional information and if they find you've been less than truthful in your answers, it could result in the claim being contested. If you do have a medical condition that you think might affect your cover, don't let it deter you from asking for a quotation for insurance. It could be that the insurer will exclude that condition from your cover or you may find it's something they're not concerned about. The important thing is that you have not concealed anything.

Do compare health insurance quotes – don't assume they're all the same. Find an independent adviser by going on-line and let them come up with some of the best quotes for your needs – at the right price.

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