Cheap Health Insurance Quote – Tips to the New Health Care Bill

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Cheap Health Insurance quotes

There is a new bill that focus on getting uninsured Americans health insurance benefits. Cheap health insurance quotes or exchanges will now be available to uninsured Americans. This measure is aimed at lowering health care costs for many uninsured people. The question is whether or not it will create enough competition to adequately lower the cost of health care. Creating a few rules in my opinion will only make insurance providers to adapt, and find new ways to circumvent the laws that will be put in place. Most of the new laws will not go into effect until 2012. If however you place to many rules, you will remove any incentive the companies have to be in business. There has got to be some sort of balance between the two.

The best way to help people find cheap health insurance quotes, is to level the playing field for at least for a little while. We must help the uninsured come up with a affordable way to finance their safety and well being. They need to find a way to help themselves and their families. Too many families do not have the health insurance that they need. It is a unfortunate problem that will affect us all at some point. The uninsured will have to use the emergency room as their doctor. This costs all of us in the long run and is a major reason for the rise of health care costs. There are also 12-20 million illegal immigrants that flood the hospitals because they do not have benefits either.

In order for this bill to have a wide reaching and sweeping effect, it will have to have more than a few affordable health insurance companies to get quotes from. If you only have a few companies big enough to survive in the market place it will not be a good thing. They will only set prices as low as they have to.

In recent years there has been a decline in companies offering health insurance plans. As the costs get greater and greater.The small employers cant afford to offer them. The plans they do offer have been more and more expensive for the employee. Deductibles have also been on the rise. The honest hard working Americans just don’t seem to be able to catch a break now a days.

The new bill tries to conquer the issue of pre-existing conditions. No longer can a health insurance company deny you coverage on conditions that you already have. This has been a blatant policy of insurance companies for a long time. Totally unfair and equally as greedy.

The new bill is letting you carry your insurance with you and making it more portable. This means you will be able to go over state lines to get insurance. In theory this should help the cost of health care come down a little bit. Competition is a good thing if the government does the right thing and avoids the interests of big business to some degree. I believe that if every one has benefits that the costs will come down.

Every one should have the right to get cheap health insurance quotes. The new bill is hopefully going to have enough controls to make it attractive to business and individuals, if it does not find happy medium our children are the ones who are going to suffer our failure.

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