A Cure For Alzheimer's Disease?

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Today we have a generation of 78 million aging baby boomers living with the dread fear that someday they'll lose their marbles and ending up locked in an Alzheimer's care facility.

According to one survey the fear of Alzheimer's runs so deep – boomers are twice as afraid of Alzheimer's as they are of death itself!

So it's only natural that these legions of aging souls would be hoping and praying that a cure for Alzheimer's disease would soon be found.

They're betting that someday soon scientists will come up with a quick fix, a pill or an injection of some sort that will restore youthful function to their aging brains.

Sadly that day will never dawn. There will never be a cure for Alzheimer's disease! Not now, not ever!

How I can say this with so much confidence? I can be certain because I've read the research. Sadly the brain damage that causes Alzheimer's is permanent and irreversible. No drug is ever going to breathe new life into dead brain cells.

For that same reason there will never be an effective treatment either. Once again, how could any treatment hope to bring dead brain cells back to life?

Wall Street Skullduggery

The fact that Alzheimer's brain damage is permanent does not stop Wall Street from periodically promoting new drugs each promising to be the final cure for Alzheimer's.

The most recent example is a drug called Dimebon. It's a Russian antihistamine medication that seemed to help elderly Russians reverse their age-related memory problems. Russian doctors reported startling memory improvements in their elderly who used the antihistamine.

Early animal studies were encouraging and the thought of a simple over-the-counter cold medicine curing Alzheimer's had Pfizer's management drooling in greedy anticipation.

Wall Street boldly trumpeted the news that soon we would have a solution to the burgeoning Alzheimer's epidemic. Pfizer's stock surged on the news. But fell again several years later when the final research results proved that Dimebon was no more effective than aspirin!

More recently on August 17, 2010 Eli Lilly halted clinical trials of their newest Alzheimer's drug semagacestat when it was found that far from improving the memories of study subjects, the drug actually worsened subjects' ability to think, recall memories and perform activities of daily living . Of course, Eli Lilly's stock tumbled on the news.

You can expect to see many more such drugs in the future and you can also expect that in each case the drug involved will prove completely worthless. Sadly, the snake-oil peddlers are still with us.

Now for some welcome good news: though we'll never have a cure, nor will we ever come up with an effective treatment, scientists have made a major discovery that will forever change how we view age-related memory loss and Alzheimer's disease.

Medical researchers working at some of the most respected research universities in the world have at long last isolated and identified the real root cause of age-associated memory loss and Alzheimer's disease. Armed with this new information it's now possible for anyone to safely and effectively prevent age-related memory loss and Alzheimer's disease without drugs or surgery.

For the details go to: http://www.memorylossprevention.com

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