Acne Treatments Revealed

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Acne is one of the most common diseases especially for young people. Fighting acne back is also very difficult. I know many of you have already tried several creams, pills and many more in order to cure your acne problem and get your clear skin back again.

I know many of you have been told that acne will go off on it's own and that you can't do nothing but waiting. This is completely wrong. There are many ways in order to have your skin clear again and acne-free.

Instead of waiting it's better to try.

Before anything else what you must do, is to visit a doctor. A doctor has a look specifically at your situation, and gives you specific details, suggestions and medication in order to help you. So let's say you have done so. Let's take a better look to Acne Treatments.

  • Pills and Creams:
  • This is the most ordinary and common of all. I think most acne sufferers have already tried many of them. Doctors, before advising something else, they suggest creams because they are the most safe, economic and easy to use. However the truth is that creams do not show quick results that the patient wants. Most of them in order to see results you have to stick on them for at least 3 months. Also many times, they aggravate acne, so patients stop them in order to avoid worsening the situation. What you must keep from here, is that if you are on a medication plan which includes pills or creams, you must stick on it and before stopping it, and speaking to your doctor first regarding your affairs.

  • Laser and light therapy:
  • Laser-and light-based therapies try either to minimize the production of oil at the face or destroy the bacterium (Propionibacterium acnes) which causes acne. There are several types of laser and light therapies most of which are painless. However they are not yet suggested by doctors because still more studies needed before are ready to use.

  • Natural treatments
  • Natural treatments are becoming more and more famous. These are treatments which can be done at home by anyone who faces acne. However they do not always work the same for anyone. That's why they are so many. But most of them, suggest the same thing, a healthy diet with a healthier way of living will provide the skin you always wanted. I personally tried some of them and see quick results at my skin.

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