Healing Through Prayers

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The healing aspect of prayer is still contentious. The remedy is not materialistic but, something, that is associated with fortitude. It is a costless and effortless healing therapy which supplies consequences with no risk.

Both medical and spiritual practitioners are investigating to extract out the qualitative and quantitative influences of prayer's healing outcome but, unfortunately, the collected data is still insufficient to prove the required scientific evidences. The main interference is the negative segment of the implemented therapy. A few researchers believe that in some patients intense prayer could worsen the pathological condition. This theory is yet confined to a limited group but still lighten the beneficial out come of the prayer healing therapy.

The most promising obsession is that the theory of healing via prayer is not confined to a single belief. In fact, it is a globally accepted faith. Teachings of bible, meditation in Buddhism or Quranic verses; every religion proposes healing through the power of prayers.

Islamic perspective:

We sent down in the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss

[QURAN: Bani Israeel – Chapter 17 Verse 82]

Christian saying:

"Prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well" the book of James (5:15):

The Buddha view:

May all the benefit that can come from healing practice

be received by all living beings,

each according to their need,

and, in whatever way I can, may I be the cause of that

The key factors involve in assembling prayer as an alternative cure includes:


The stress induced autonomic nervous stimulation is claimed to be pacified by supplication and prayer. Scientifically speaking, this will lead a decrease in blood pressure, breathing rate, heart rate, metabolic rate and anxiety which in turns provoke further healing process.


Critics debated about the placebo action of prayer. If it is the case, then different double blind studies should be conducted for more authentic results. Even in placebo recovery it seems that prayer is healing the patient's immune system promptly.


Connecting thoughts with emotions will lead to a physiological response that has definite effects on general health. This perspective ensures that prayers generate positive emotions in a being which further steps forward for healthy livelihood.

Here are few reported cases to verify the healing through prayer concepts.BBC had reported once that a study shows that 500 patients had 11% less complications during their stay in hospital who prayed for health. Another documented case is of Misselback, the assistant to the executive director at Temple Israel, underwent liver transplant in1995.He himself and his friends prayed for him and the surgery was a successful long-lasting treatment. Another miraculous case is of a woman with adrenal carcinoma who shows no sign of tumor after the physician had recited the Muslim's Prophet (PBUH) dua for health. Reported by Dr. Rizwan Athar Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine. Presented on March 7, 1997 at the 4th Annual Convention of International Association for Sufism, San Francisco, California.

Several factors deter the evidence of healing through prayer, to be documented.Examples are a person's own belief, willpower, age, sex, state of pathology etc One more variable that has to be considered while researching is the type of prayers conducted. Intercessory prayers (done by one person for the well-being of other) have their own theories to be studied.

Eventually, the summary of the matter is that the exact root of the healing strategy of prayers is yet to be explored, but instantly there are numerous observations to favor that healing through prayer actually existed.

Ultimately, healing through prayers should not be taken as a single therapy for any ailment yet it must be practiced with a proper therapy to gain maximum healing. It is the most preferred supplemental treatment.

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