Acne Holistic Treatment and Methods

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The methodology behind acne holistic treatment can be best understood from the definition of holistic health in general, which aims to take into account your physical, psychological, and social needs in diagnosing and treating any condition or illness.

The onset of acne upon publicly visible areas of your skin can be an emotionally and socially traumatic experience. The pharmaceutical industry and some of its product distributors have recently missed this point entirely by promoting and prescribing anti-depressant drugs off-label in treatment for acne sufferers. The result of this tunnel vision created serious injury to unfortunate victims who only wished to rid themselves of acne blemishes.

An acne holistic treatment approach understands that while stress may be a direct cause of your acne flare-ups, it does not automatically signify depression. There are many different stress factors which must be analyzed in order to properly diagnose and treat your acne.

Acne Related Physical Stress

Overproduction of the hormonal building blocks called "androgens" is a known physical cause of acne. This results in a hormonal imbalance, and can be brought on by various events such as mental stress, pregnancy, menopause, and illness.

The acne holistic treatment methodology is to address the underlying causes that resulted in your acne, and then treat your acne systematically. As a first line of defense and healing your acne, a holistic treatment may entail making significant dietary changes.

Poor dietary habits such as eating chemically infused foods can lead to stress on your vital organs like your liver and kidneys, which must work overtime to cleanse the toxins from your body. When you are experiencing high levels of mental or physical stress, your body will especially crave proper nutrients in order to rebound.

An Acne Holistic Treatment Approach

Your acne treatment plan might include the following remedies:

• Dietary sources of vitamin A to help skin maintain its protective barrier

• Acne holistic treatment diet for mental stress reduction
–Whole grains
–leafy green vegetables

• Acne holistic treatment diet for environmental stress reduction
–wheat germ
–sunflower seeds

In addition, a part of your treatment plan might be to keep journals. Daily entries in a food journal, for example, may help to pinpoint certain foods which exacerbate your acne.

Another approach in acne holistic treatment may incorporate a journal in which you write entries about your daily life that can help you to better understand any repeating stress factors in your life.

The bottom line in a holistic approach to healing acne is to tackle the issue on all levels and get to the source of the issue, rather than just dealing with the symptoms. To permanently rid yourself of your acne problem takes work and perseverance, but you will be happy with the results in the end.

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