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You don’t need a doctor’s appointment to get a flu shot – for $25.00 you can simply queue up at your local Walgreen’s or CVS. And many people don’t think twice about it either way, because they’ve been conditioned to equate a flu shot with an automatic bubble of protection from the flu.

At this point in time, flu shots remain optional, and you certainly are free to make your own decision, but before you run out and get jabbed, please read this and then do a little research for yourself.

With all of the drama around the supposed need to get ‘the shot,’ consider the following facts: Every year 910,000 people die from heart disease; 7.6 million die from cancer; 160,000 die from stroke; 180,000 die from diabetes.

With these alarming statistics in a country that spends 3 trillion dollars on health care, you have to wonder why there is so much insistence on inoculating everyone, when, comparatively few – 1,806 people a year – die from the flu!!

Although the CDC has reported an average of 36,000 flu deaths per year, when the numbers were broken down, only 1,806 people actually died from the flu — the rest died from pneumonia. As I have stressed many times, the “P” word (Prevention) is way under-emphasized in our health care system.

If the large sums of money we now funnel into disease control were instead directed into wellness and prevention programs, teaching people how to increase their own natural immunity to illness, we might just move out of the embarrassing 39th-place ranking as to how healthy we are as a nation, compared to the rest of the world.

Despite the fact that some HMOs force you to listen to a 5 minute dissertation on the subject, before routing your call so you can take care of what you really called about, many health care professionals are now understanding that a flu shot alone cannot guarantee you a flu-free winter.

Flu vaccines also contain formaldehyde, thimerasol (think mercury) and a variety of other toxins including aluminum, triton, phenol and ethyl glycol (think antifreeze.)

By the way the insert for FLULAVA states “…there have been no controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza after vaccinating with FLULAVA.” You will also see on the package insert that the vaccine carries 25 mcg. of thimerasol, which is 250 times the EPA’s legal allowance for humans.

Defend yourself naturally:

o Eat food that looks like food and begin to eliminate the chemically laden and processed food that really is not food at all.

o Toss out those destructive soft drinks and avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame and splenda.

o Exercise and get fresh air and sunlight.

o Drink plenty of water — alkaline and ionized is the absolute best.

o Take a Vitamin D3 supplement daily, and a good Omega 3 Fish Oil. Take a whole food multivitamin/multi-mineral supplement everyday

o Remember to wash your hands.

Learn how to decrease your reactivity to stress in your life; laugh a lot; love a lot; and think good and healthy thoughts.

Consider signing on with a health counselor to help and support you on your path to natural health. Your health is your responsibility, not the government’s.

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