GeneWize Life Sciences Business and Products Review

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What Is GeneWize Life Sciences? Are they a real deal or just some scientific scam?
GeneWize Life Sciences is 12 year old biotech publicly traded company. ' They have customized thousands of product in the past years and have done an extensive research about genetic nutrition.

Genewize Life Sciences have decided to open a marketing division and they are currently in prelauch stage. They have held a live event in Orlando where the main leaders of Genewize gathered to discuss the future of the company.

The official launch of the company is august 1 2008 and the event will be held in Orlando, the Hilton Disney Resort on august 1-3, 2008. The company is creating a huge buzz, and people are attracted to the product, science and an opportunity to earn an amazing income by sharing informaton with the masses.

GeneWize Customized Products are the future of our genetic nutrition

GeneWize customizes products based on DNA results. They are made of 100s of whole foods per person. I think that with all high technology we have today, DNA diet and supplementation could be the most accurate health plan for us today.

When it comes to the health claims we cannot be 100% sure or promise that all the health problems will go away but we can have more personal approach to our health condition. The technology of 21st century is becoming more precise and accurate. People want the results and the only way it can be achieved if it is personalized and customized.

The current version of the LifeMap Nutrition SystemTM products comes in a "take it or break it" capsule. You can "take it" – swallow the capsule – or "break it" and mix the contents of the capsule with any beverage.

GeneWize has developed a program where you get genewize products and refer 4 people and get products for free. it is a great way to share news and help people to receive their daily supplementation for free. They have 60 days money back guarantee and they can try the products and decide if it is for them or not which is a great plus for the company of this kind.

When it comes to the GeneWize Business Opportunity, they love to keep it simple.

Who does not love simplicity? They make it easier for a business owner to build their business with all the resources they have to offer. A lot of seasoned networkers such as Jonathan Budd, Ryan Wade, Franco Gonzalez use YouTube videos, blogs to drive traffic to their sites to give more information. Then prospects come to the information site and then they go to Thursday night calls. The compensation plan of GeneWize is very lucrative and anyone can view GeneWize compensation plan and presentation on their website.

They have all medical literature to support their research in the past years to present to the medical professionals who are interested in DNA research and genetic nutrition.

The interesting factor is that Genelink received a patent in 2007 for dna based skin health assessment. It is designed to predict variety of skin conditions from aging to skin allergies.

The tests enables to customize skin care product to meet a customer needs. It is pretty awesome considering the fact that we, women, spend hundreds of dollars on skin care and we happen to flush those dollars in the toilet because we cannot find the right skin care for us. These tests are solution to many people problems and of course we cannot guarantee the perfect result, it is still a step closer.

In the summary, Genewize Life Sciences could be a solution for the individuals who are looking for the customized health plan and for serious individuals who want to build a real network marketing business.

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