Causes of Yeast Infections and Is it Chronic?

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Candida Albicans is a yeast that is naturally occurring within the body. In fact it is a normal function of the body to produce this yeast. This yeast, along with all other functions of the body will remain within normal limits, whilst the body remains in perfect balance. When the body is in balance, Candida Albicans is controlled by “friendly bacteria” called Lactobacillus acidopilus. In the event that the body is not in balance-then depending on a number of conditions – the body is susceptible to illness occurring.

What are the conditions that can bring around a Yeast Infection?

1. Taking Antibiotics as antibiotics will often disrupt the levels of our healthy bacteria as they tend to kill off the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria that cause illness. As the “friendly bacteria” controls the population of Candida Albicans, and when it is affected by antibiotics, then the yeast has the potential to flourish, and result in a yeast infection.

2. Birth Control Pill – Birth control pills may weaken the immune system and result leaving the individual susceptible to yeast infections

3. Your diet – consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrates, Sugar and Alcohol.

4. Medications – such as immune-suppressing steroid medications

5. Eating foods contaminated with moulds and funghi.

So, we know we have a yeast infection…. is it chronic? –

There are many people who suffer from this condition – and it is fair to say that almost all women are going to come across this condition at some point in their lives. Whenever you have a situation where yeast infections begin to recur regularly – it is at this point that the yeast infection is considered chronic condition.

Once this condition has taken control it is very difficult to get rid of it until the immune system is restored – so it is very important to focus on the restoration of your immune system – this can be done naturally by introducing more raw foods into your diet. Why is this so? It is estimated that between 3- 80% of nutrients are destroyed when food is cooked. Fresh raw foods contain the highest amount of enzymes.

With the immune system on the way to recovery, the other areas to be aware of is to replenish your levels of acidophilus. Acidophilis is a natural probiotic – and is found in sugar free yoghurt.

Look at eating foods that kill yeast – such as Garlic – which is a natural antifungal.

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