Natural Cures – Complimenting Traditional Medicine

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Since the dawn of history our health and wellbeing has always been uppermost in our minds. Since science based medicines are a comparatively recent, people have had to rely in past times, on natural cures and remedies for all types of ailments both physical and mental. But it would be a great mistake to regard natural remedies as being in all cases now worthless, compared to their more modern counterparts. Indeed, it is worth remembering that when we consider these natural cures, we are dealing with literally centuries of know-how and folk wisdom.

Of course it is vital to remember that whatever your ailment, you should always seek professional medical advice first and foremost, before exploring any other avenue. Unless you are absolutely sure that your ailment is a minor one, you would be taking a risk by trying to treat it yourself first. Of course, even more serious conditions can be treated using herbal or other remedies alongside more orthodox medicines, provided you check with your medical practitioner first.

In the last few decades, there has been a huge increase in the numbers of people who are willing to try out what is usually referred to as alternative or natural medicine. It has to be said that on the whole this has been a beneficial development. The one great disadvantage of orthodox medicine has of course been the problem of side effects. But lets be fair about this. Remember that if a normal medication is to work properly, then it must have a certain potency. And in that case some side effects are inevitable.

Some natural cures can themselves have side effects but in the majority of cases these are much less severe than their medical counterparts so that it can be quite safe to use them. Even used alongside or, with medical advice, instead of more usual remedies, especially for less serious conditions.

Many natural cures are in fact backed up by some spiritual or philosophical system which emphasizes a method of going with the flow of Nature, rather than the more western orientated idea of molding or bending Nature to our will. Of course, both philosophies have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth while taking both paths into account when dealing with the perennial problems of our health and well being. Natural cures have found their place at last alongside the scientific tradition: complementing and not contradicting it.

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