Energy Healing Cons and Pros

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Life force, energy healing, laying of the hands, or electro-chemical energy healing, whatever you may want to call it… human energy healing has been attracting a lot of attention over the past years. Some of this is due to the ever growing promotions of pharmaceutical drug commercials filling the airways on television. You can hardly watch any television program without seeing at least one or two drug commercials during the break.

To add to this wake up call, and how many have awaken from their normal daily sleepwaking routine to notice more frequent visits to the doctor, more screenings and test, more drugs, more this, and more that. I had seen this same change when I had a pet dog. One day I brought my pet into see the veterinarian they started to suggest all sorts of blood screening test, similar to the same testing they do for humans. I refused to give my pet drugs like most people simply do with little or no thought to the drugs side effects, which are the same as drugs given to humans. Betsy lived to be almost seventeen years old. For a lap dog that was a pretty good age to reach.

So the best way to sum up the growing interest in natural, or alternative healing when compared to conventional healing through medical science is in the take over of large pharmaceutical companies that are out to demonize and destroy the natural healing and alternative health based methods so they can sell more of their products with little to no concerns about the side effects. The FDA has been corrupted. They have been allowing big pharma to sell their drugs to the public with little concerns about their safety. It that were not true, then why all of the commercials, growing in number that law firms are looking for individuals that took certain drugs and had certain reactions to them for a lawsuit?

For those who have not yet found or taken a look at energy healing, it is simply a healing method that uses the natural energy that is all around and inside our physical bodies. Anyone that has read anything about the human brain and its activity understands the electro-connection, also when referring to the activity of the nerves that run throughout the body sending signals. We get our energy from several sources. Food supplies us with energy, as does oxygen, and sun light. If you are familiar with the works of the East, you will understand the importance of proper lower abdominal breathing. Not only does a good supply of oxygen help the functions of the brain, it also hiethens the mood while it expels toxins from the body.

This is also why physical exercise is so important. By exercising the body, best being cardiovascular training, it gets the blood, energy (chi, qi, ki, prana, mana, etc.), and toxins moving instead of sitting stagnant in the body. When people are lazy, eat too much, do little exercise… it allows toxins to simply float about the body, doing damage in organs and else where. This also leads to what many refer to as blockage in the human electrical circuitry. In Acupuncture their are twelve meridians, or sometimes referred to as rivers that run troughout the body to organs.

These energy rivers and resouviours need to stay flowing free from obstructions. When they are flowing freely, the body is healthy. But when they are dammed up, or blocked in any way, they start to deteroriate the health in the area of the blockage. While that is bad enough, as one organs energy is interrupted, caused to have a lack of energy for proper functioning it starts to affect organs after it. In Traditional Chinese Medicine each organ has its peak at a certain time of the day. One example would be starting with the lungs, being most active between 3AM and 5Am, then the next organ in line is the large intestines from 5AM to 7AM, and so on. So when one organs energy flow is affected, it also affects those after it. This also puts a strain on the organ before it.

So if the lungs were either lacking energy (cold) or excessive energy (too hot), we could look at the lungs, the large intestines, and the liver in a diagnosis. Also, the heart may be added in to the equation. As for the electrical system of the human body, it is not seem as little systems within a larger system, but as one system where all parts need to be functioning properly to cure the problem. Without that consideration, as for our medical science as attacking only the symptoms and covering them up with a drug, the problem is allowed to continue. When this is done, the problem still exist in the background, and will once again show up as a more advanced symptom, or new ones in another area of the body.

While there needs to be more research done in this area instead of wasting billions of dollars each year for the past twenty years on harmful pharma drugs that we already have for just about everything you can imagine, and them in an assortment for each condition, we could offer patients a natural alternative. Energy healing has also attrached many con artist as does all areas of life where making a quick buck at the expense off of the helpless, uneducated can be used for profit.

One thing to keep in mind when seeking a energy healer. Seek those who have a good reputation. Also look for those who work off of donations, not high set fees like a regular business. Anyone who makes wild claims and ask for a high fee is to be thought of as a con artist. By taking donations the patient pays for performance. Like the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is”. So watch out for scam artist, but do not take this as saying all energy healers are con artist. Just use commonsense and logic in all of your health decisions and you will be okay.

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