Alternative Cancer Treatments That Work!

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We all know someone that either has cancer now or has died from it. Cancer is the Bubonic Plague of our times and despite billions of dollars in research, chemotherapy remains one of the most popular forms of treatment within the established medical community.

With all of their shiny new buildings and fancy equipment, doctors still resort to this "shotgun" approach and others that are equally ineffective. This is probably why an astounding 96% of cancer patients die of complications relating to treatment — not even the cancer itself!

What is wrong with this picture? What is it about their nice clean lab coats that makes us believe that doctors hold all of the answers when it comes to our own bodies? Don't believe for a second that they are unaware of the odds of a successful chemotherapy treatment regimen! What use is it to kill the cancer when they also destroy all of the surrounding tissues?

Is it at least possible that when they are advising patients of their treatment options they first took the time to investigate the insurance plan first because how could they ever recommend such costly and painful procedures when they know – know that the odds of success are 4 %?

But, what if there were another way?

What if those highly improbable yet costly procedures were not the only option? For those tens of millions of Americans without the luxury of medical insurance (and yes, even those of you that do have it !!), is it possible that alternative cancer treatments are an option?

People, it is not just an option, it is the solution you have been seeking! The doctors won't admit that they are almost powerless to help you or your loved one because then they can't use all of that fancy, expensive equipment and charge equally expensive rates! They certainly won't admit that there are proven, effective alternative cancer treatments out there because the insurance companies don't reimburse for such "unscientific" options — and who suffers in the process ??

Ultimate Cancer Breakthroughs is a compilation of the 12 most effective alternative treatments in existence. With an investment of over 780 hours of research, the authors have assembled all of the information you will need to find the treatment solution best for you! Don't wait and don't let the doctors play God with your body — take back control of your life and your treatment !!

Source by Paul Sanford

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