New Studies Into The Health Benefits of Green Tea

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While research continues to bring ever more accurate data about the benefits of green tea, as well as its limits, some reports are good news for those who love its taste and have time to enjoy taking it regularly. Tea is very popular and it's not hard to have several cups in a day, but green tea, also known as Chinese tea, is that little harder to come by in the western world at least since most workplaces, vending machines are all geared towards the more common black tea varieties. But there's definitely good reason to go out of your way to enjoy a cup.

Dr Ed Okello led a group of Newcastle University researchers to investigate the very realistic possibility that tea had properties that helped protect against certain diseases. Those where a correlation was found include Alzheimers, a form of dementia, as well as cancer.

They operated under the assumption that though all foods have some properties that are beneficial to health such as nutrients, these do not always remain after the digestive process. The team replicated digestion of green tea and subjected the resulting chemicals produced by the enzymes were tested to see what properties they had when in a solution containing various toxins and in other tests where they were exposed to tumor cells. The team found that the chemicals present prevented toxins from reaching cells, and also slowed down growth of the tumor cells.

Future studies may take this connection through more a more rigorous process to uncover exactly what chemicals are produced when the tea is drank by healthy human volunteers. Such information would help greatly in identifying just how helpful the tea is and lead researchers closer to potential therapies.

Chinese tea has been put into play as a remedy for centuries, and this use so far back suggests that the health properties were well known long before modern science was able to test the tea more rigorously.

It's also well accepted that this tea is beneficial for weight loss, and many people enjoy taking it as a replacement to colas, soda and expensive diet plans. It boosts the body's metabolism helping with weight loss while helping to give the tea drinker more energy. While green tea doesn't contain as much caffine as coffee or cola it does have some which gives it some ability to keep you going.

Overall green tea has many benefits, some that have already been identified and possibly many more that are yet to be found. It's also rather a nice enjoyable drink to take even for its own sake.

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