Breast Cancer and Exams

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For years it has been known that genetic damage is done by exposure to radiation. This genetic damage triggers mutation which causes normal cells to become malignant. How medical science can admit this out of one side of their mouth while pushing for further exposure to radiation from the other side of their mouth is confusing to say the least and downright hypocritical at its worst.

I appeal to each reader to use common sense in dealing with their health and not to go running blindly after something just because someone with medical schooling says so.

A group of researchers at Berkeley Lab irradiated normal breast cells with radiation equivalent to a CT scan and tested them against a control group. The results have just been published in Breast Cancer Research. The radiation caused normal cells to stop dividing as much or as long as they normally would without the radiation exposure. This made space for altered cells to move in and promoted pre-cancerous growth.

The National Cancer Institute has recently stated that 1/3 of all cancers are diet related. By this they are saying that simply by eating properly we could wipe out 33% of all cancers. There is not however one "super food" that they are talking about but rather, as is the case with all natural treatments, a variety of factors that work together to bring results. The most important of these factors are an adequate intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables high in antioxidants, fruits, teas rich in antioxidants, pure water, spices, and herbs.

When choosing your herbs and spices for cancer fighting properties be sure to include turmeric, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, rosemary, oregano, parsley, and sage.

A Colorado State University study has also shown that eating every kind of bean reduced the incidence of cancer and tumors in animals and another study by Ponce School of Medicine shows that taking multi-vitamins and calcium supplements long-term reduces breast cancer risk by 30% .

When you are considering examinations there are alternative forms of analysis that can be used to determine the health of any organ of the body including breast tissue without exposure to radiation. One of those analyzes is the non-invasive Total Body Analysis that we perform at Rose of Sharon Holistic. This analysis is very accurate and will discover issues long before they can be detected by any other means. For more information see

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