The 9 Categories of Life Situations in Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science that dates back several thousand years, that prescribes ways for you to achieve harmony and balance through your environment, so that you can benefit from excellent psychic astral influences from the surrounding forces. It is a technique that teaches you how to arrange your living space, giving you a method for organizing your environment. It prescribes favorable orientations to make profitable use of the metaphysical forces that float in the air and the present in the space around you.

Those who use this art call these forces chi or qi , which means "cosmic breath". When a home is set out in such a way as to create the maximum numbers of chi, this heavenly breath assures great luck for you.

There are 9 categories or situations in life and their corresponding sector in your house:

  • Money and Prosperity – South-East Sector
  • Fame and Reputation – South Sector
  • Relationships and Love – South-West Sector
  • Family – East Sector
  • Health – Center Sector
  • Creativity and Children – West Sector
  • Talents and Knowledge – North-East Sector
  • Career – North Sector
  • Guardians and Travel – North-West Sector

Everything that happens in life falls into one or other of these categories. Do you agree?

On the spatial level, these categories are represented by the airflows in the place where you live. Whatever shape your home is, and irregardless of where you main entrance is, there is always a way of clearing 9 sections corresponding to these life categories.

All you need to do is to use a compass to determine the part of your room that is oriented and what sector there are in. You can use the compass to find out where is the prosperity sector of your house too.

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