Better Treatments for AIDS – Cancer Found in Marijuana

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The recent discovery of the second largest doctors group in the US on the therapeutic effects of marijuana for AIDS and cancer patients will certainly create a debate whether Washington will openly accept the proposal for its public consumption.

The American College of Physicians has proposed the validity of marijuana for medical purposes. It said that better medicines and treatments can be taken from the long-standing prohibited plant according to the recent studies conducted.

It is currently urging the federal government to lift the ban for its possible use to a wider scale of medical applications. The group cited that marijuana promises better treatments among AIDS patients who are suffering from extreme weight loss. For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, it can help reduce extreme cases of nausea andomiting.

The group said further research on the prohibited plant needs to be taken into consideration to identify its other applications in medicine. But this is being hindered by federal laws and limited resources on the legalization of more studies to be conducted.

Certainly, the recent US findings can alleviate the millions of AIDS and cancer patients around the world should these be proven by reliable studies.

The group still needs to present to the US government solid evidence that the therapeutic effects of marijuana will not cause side effects on the patients. The optimal doses of its intake must be perfected to eliminate the notions of addiction among possible patients.

Around 124,000 doctors are members of the Philadelphia-based group, whose patients are mostly adults. The organization started operating since 1915.

Dr. David Dale, University of Washington professor of medicine and the group's chair said marijuana use remains under a special category since there are many concerns at stake to its probable potency. But he is confident that it may pose effective and better treatments for other patients suffering from all kinds of diseases so careful assessment must be undertaken.

Time and again, modern science has yet to be tapped. As more diseases are on the rise, better treatments must be prepared. With marijuana's latest findings, more researchers must be communicated if it really deserves to be in the list of possible remedies among the thousand ailments in the world.

Experts need to make sure about marijuana's disadvantages will be neutralized once used in the human body. Before it will be advised for public consumption, there should be a series of tests, accounting all possible risks. We can not just say "no" to marijuana use in medical applications if it will be the better way to treat patients. Doctors have to make safety precautions first before signaling its use for the patients worldwide.

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