Worldwide Cancer Cases Reach 14 Million and Still Rising

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The Future – It is estimated that by year 2025, the world will be plagued with over 19 million cases of cancer (due to life-style shifts, and the lack of attention reaching many under-developed countries where cancer is just as prevalent as it is in many of the more developed regions of the world [the western world]).

The Past – As of at the end of 2013, the figure estimated for cancer cases throughout the world as a whole was seen to be around 14 million and rising. That is up from over 12.7 million just 5-years earlier – 2008, and with an increase in deaths over the same period 7.6 million to 8.2 million (figures offered by the World Health Organization).

The reasons for more cancer in the world today:

Today, people tend to live much longer than previously – something which is seen as an important contributor to these newly released figures, together with the burden of more people smoking (more young people smoke today than 10 years ago).

Smoking is seen as a major cause of lung cancer development (lung cancer is the major cause of cancer [worldwide] with an estimated 1.8 million [13% of all cancer cases] being affected with the disease.

Also, obesity is another contributor to the rise in cancer cases (individuals who are obese are at a higher risk of developing some form of cancer, than those who are of a proportional weight to high).

Breast cancer cases are no better either, with a sharp rise in diagnosed cases (since 2008) propelling it to the number-1 killer in women in over 140 countries worldwide (breast cancer is the number-1 overall killer in many under-developed countries [the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer]).

Conclusion – Although great advancements have been made over the last 10 years (breakthroughs in modern-day detection and treatment methods), still much more needs to be done before the world can consider it is winning the war on cancer. However, much of what could be done on a personal level is through “self-awareness,” – something which would prevent many people from dying from the disease.

Source by Philip A Edmonds-Hunt

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