Symptoms of Heartworm in Canines – Why Natural Home Care Prevention is the Key

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Do you know that symptoms of heartworm in canines are not easy to detect? This is a big problem because heartworm affects mainly the heart, and by the time these symptoms appear, if they do, it is usually too late and the heart has suffered damage.

The first symptom that usually appears is a dry cough, and this happens after the heartworms have already reached the heart, where they reproduce and multiply. This cough is due to irritation of the veins as the heartworms start making their way from the heart to the lungs.

Other symptoms of heartworm in canines present themselves as inactivity. Since the dog's internal organs are affected, the dog starts resisting physical activity and usually wants to curl up in a corner. As his organs start malfunctioning, he starts to experience pain as well.

Since all these signs are common signs or could be confused with a cold, or respiratory problems, or inertia, sometimes the dog will die because the symptoms of heartworm are not diagnosed.

As you can see, it is very important to recognize the symptoms of heartworm in canines and get treatment. When these signs are recognized, they are usually treated with strong chemical insecticides to kill off the adult heartworms and the larvae. Even though the dog might be saved, these chemicals have a very harmful effect on your dog.

So the key is to prevent heartworm. Conventional heartworm prevention also consists of smaller doses of chemicals and insecticides. These also have a cumulative effect and will in time damage your dog's liver and kidneys, which have to work hard to fight the toxins that they are ingesting. This will also damage your dog's immune system and then make him less capable of fighting off any disease.

There are natural ways to prevent heartworm in dogs. Find out the best way to care for your dog with natural home remedies which will be beneficial for him. There are hundreds of remedies for different illnesses that you will be able to give him. You probably have in your home many of these remedies already. Aside from giving him the best health care you will also be saving thousands of dollars in veterinary bills.

Learn how to prevent symptoms of heartworm in canines as well as many other diseases by taking charge of your dog's health with natural remedies and a healthy diet which will build his immune system and help him to fight off bacteria.

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