The Holistic Approach of Energy Healing

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Energy treating like most of the methods of alternative healing has been a practice known and used since ancient times. It is met with skepticism, claims of fraudulence and in some cases legal action. Despite this it is practiced by many, some of which come from the respected field of licensed medical practitioners. Energy healing or energy medicine is a term used in manipulating "life force" to bring about balance and well-being. Energy healing is a holistic or "wholistic" approach to healing the individual as a whole, not just the physical aspect, but all aspects of a human being.

Disease or "dis-ease" is thought to occur when an unbalance occurs. There are many approaches used in the natural method of energy healing. We are made up of energy as is everything in our world around us. Energy healing is not really linked to any one culture or religion, though they may each have a slightly different approach or method. Healing is achieved or promoted by correcting disorders in the energy field of a person restoring balance, and in turn health. Most generally this will not occur in one session. It may take several sessions and may occur gradually over time. But, it is not uncommon for a person to experience dramatic results immediately.

Intuition begins in infancy; it is an immediate knowing without direct knowledge, understanding or observation. Intuition operates in a non-physical realm and will immediately give you the correct answer to complex situations or problems. It is this intuition that allows one to see fluctuations in the energy that surrounds and penetrates one's body. Raising a person's energy field frequency helps to align it and bring it into coherence and balance. This is when someone is considered to be healthy.

It is understood that illness stems from emotional, spiritual, mental and our physical selves. As we go through our lives we pick up all kinds of negative emotions which are negative energies. It does not matter if you are someone who dwells on these negative energies, thoughts or emotions or bury them deep within you. They are still there. The holistic approach of energy healing can be extremely helpful in removing these negative energies. It is has been claimed that energy healers operate with a placebo effect by skeptics. Even in this case it would be proven effective. There are no known harmful side effects involved in this method of alternative healing.

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