Success With Cancer Means Healing The Cause Instead of Just Treating The Effect

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Firstly cancer is a disease of an immune system that wasn’t working because it didn’t control cancer cells as they appeared within the body. Your immune system is supposed to identify rogue cells and remove them but it wasn’t functioning properly because of the modern way we now live caused by many factors. They include a diet of highly processed food which includes junk food, the chemicals that find their way into our bodies from the products we use and our sedentary lifestyle we now lead.

Secondly a cancer growth anywhere in the body is only a symptom and is not the main problem so by removing that symptom, does not deal with the cause or why these growths appeared. Unless you make some important lifestyle changes, cancer is only going to grow again in some other part of the body because you haven’t removed the reasons why it first grew.

Thirdly all cancers are a disease of the entire body and the growth itself is only the symptom. The definition of a symptom is an indication that something is wrong so to correct it you must address the whole body and not just the symptom.

Doctors treat cancer as if it’s a foreign group of cells that has to be removed regardless of the damage done to the human body. Hence we only have three ways to treat the problem and they are cutting it out with surgery, burning it with radiation or using a poison in the form of chemotherapy to try and remove it. These are harsh ways to treat the complex human body and they don’t work because they are not addressing the reasons why the cancer first appeared.

There is only one way to successfully deal with a cancer diagnosis and that is to search for the reasons why it grew and remove them. Common sense should tell you that before you can fix any problem you have to remove the factors that caused it. With cancer this will allow the body to self-heal. Unfortunately in this money orientated world we live in, our treatments for the disease are in place not because they heal but because they are profitable.

True cures means making changes to the way you live and by doing so will correct the problem but unfortunately no one can profit from that and that’s the reason why it won’t be offered. If you are serious about your cancer then it means a total lifestyle change forever. Doctors won’t educate you on how to maintain your health because they don’t know. They only know their three treatments to deal with the problem which they are very good at.

We put far too much emphasis on the outside of the body and how we look but with cancer it’s time to deal with the inside of the body because that’s where the problem is. There are only natural ways to achieve that.

Every human being has an immune system, it’s our built-in repair system and the only way to successfully overcome any cancer, no matter how advanced, is through this system.

Source by Alan Wighton

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