Asthma – An Endemic That Can Be Helped With Natural Treatments

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Asthma is now becoming one of the major health conditions affecting people around the world; each year sees further increases in the number of people affected. For sufferers of asthma, this chronic condition can be very serious as they have difficulty breathing when their air passages react adversely to atmospheric and other allergens. Respiratory conditions often affect the daily life of anyone who suffers with them and severe attacks can even lead to death.

Constantly checking on their condition is one of the most important steps for an asthma sufferer. Depending on the condition, there are three main stages for treatment and they are:

* The avoidance of attacks

* Relief medication for minor attacks

* Medical treatment for more serious attacks

Fortunately for patients with only the mild version of the condition, a Bronchodilator can be used to provide short term relief; Fortunately, for a large number of asthmatics no other medication other than this is necessary.

Other medication is available for patients who have frequent but mild attacks such as a mastcell stabilizer or leukotriene modifier. Oral glucocorticoids have to be used for the unfortunate asthma patients who have more serious and severe attacks. A standard reliever or 'Bronchodilator' will still be used in addition to any other medication they have been prescribed. Asthmatics should also identify the triggers that cause allergic reactions that are often associated with the condition and find ways to reduce or eliminate them. This condition is very strongly associated with air pollution, which causes the condition to worsen in people who suffer breathing related conditions.

Medications available from over the counter and prescribed by the doctor can be very useful but should not be relied upon alone; serious side effects can be caused by long term use of these medications and the stronger the treatment, the worse the problems can be, for example:

* Fatigue

* Occasional dizziness

* Impotence

* Feelings of despair

* Damage to vital organs including the liver

Pharmaceutical drugs are formulated to suppress the inflammatory states of the body but more people are now using natural, or alternative medicines which treat the cause of the respiratory condition instead. The purpose of the medication is to settle the body's hyperactivity which is caused as a result of the allergic reaction. It also helps soothe the symptoms by using a catalyst. The catalysts contained in the natural remedies are different as they do not have the side-effects so reduce the stress on the system naturally.

Now yoga is being used as a natural alternative to medication as some yoga disciplines are focused on breath control which many asthma sufferers find beneficial to their condition and overall well-being. Nutritional supplements, acupuncture and good diet will help improve the immune response and the overall health of the patients. A good nutrient rich diet will also help improve the immune system but the importance of the asthma patient managing their condition should not be underestimated.

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