How the Body Really Works

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Many philosophers for literally thousands of years, stretching across most cultural and religious lines, believed that there is an invisible, intelligent force amongst us that organizes all matter and life as we know it. This formless energy is in and around every aspect of our physical world and is known by many names: Universal Intelligence, Source Energy, God, Ether, Akasha, Universal Presence, The Field, The Divine Matrix, Élan Vital, The Force, Zero Point Field and The Silent Pulse just to name a few.

This idea of an unseen current of energy that penetrates and affects everything and everyone has traditionally been left to the realm of thought and theology and was not considered verifiable by science. It was typically dismissed as new age psycho babble without any connection to reality. However, modern scientific research is rapidly and continually showing us that there is much more to our world than we can see with the naked eye.

Everything is Energy

In 1905, Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2 not only changed the face of physics forever but his discoveries have continued to change the way we perceive ourselves and everything in our universe. What does this legendary equation mean? Simple, energy and mass are one. In other words, everything is energy. The seen and the unseen – Everything! The paper you’re looking at (or computer screen), the chair you’re on and the walls around you. It’s all energy.

This does not exclude human beings. We are energy as well. The works of Dr. Masaru Emoto, Glen Rein PhD., Rollin McCraty PhD., Dean Radin, Dr. Valerie Hunt, Dr. William Tiller, Dr. David Hawkins and Bruce Lipton PhD. have shown us that your entire body and even your thoughts are vibrating energy. Energy is everywhere and everything is energy.

A Step Further

With few exceptions, the majority of our science today has moved into the post-Einstein era of quantum physics. Unfortunately, medical science and most research on the physiology of the human body has literally been stuck in the pre-Einstein way of thinking. Thankfully there are some growing exceptions. For example, in the 1970s, German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp took us a step further into our new energetic understanding of the body by making three amazing discoveries.

First, he was able to demonstrate that all living things, from the most basic of single-celled plants to the most sophisticated organisms like human beings, constantly emit tiny particles of light (biophotons). What this means is that every cell in your body, mainly from the DNA molecules, literally gives and receives light. This light energy cannot be seen by the naked eye but Popp was able to measure it using high tech equipment and photography.

Next, Popp’s work has indicated that the quality of light emitted by each organism directly determines the quality of life. For example, he noted that struggling cancer patients have fewer photons of light within their cells when compared to a healthy subject. It is as though these cancer victims lights are flickering and on the verge of going out.

Third, and the discovery that I get most excited about, Popp’s extraordinary studies on the energy inside of us showed that this light seems to act as the communication vehicle for the entire body. In order for any biochemical to occur within the body, it must first be triggered into action by this light. To put it in simpler terms, all function within your body and mind is controlled by light.

In the nearly four decades since these amazing discoveries first occurred, Popp’s research has been repeated and confirmed numerous times by a group of at least 40 scientists around the world. You can see this light for yourself by watching the documentary film ‘The Living Matrix.’

Body of Light

Have you ever wondered how a message to wiggle travels from your mind to your toes so quickly? Have you ever marveled at how your heart knows what the perfect rate to beat is, no matter what the situation, without the need for a conscious thought? How about any other bodily function? The answer appears to be light. Popp’s biophoton research explains how light becomes the vehicle by which communication occurs within the body and mind.

According to this biophoton theory, light is actually stored in the DNA molecule of each cell. This light energy, that is constantly passing through and being absorbed by each DNA molecule, appears to carry information to other cells, tissues, and organs within the body and serves as the organism’s main communication network. Since light travels at the speed of 186,000 miles per second, information can travel from one end of the body to the other in what seems like an instant.

Our internal use of light energy explains how our mind efficiently and effectively communicates with our body and how our body in turn sends information back to the brain so quickly. We used to think that information transferred from cell to cell within the body by way of biochemical reactions. However, according to Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., chemical reactions move at a speed of 1 centimeter per second. This is much too slow to explain how you can send the ‘wiggle’ demand message from your mind to your toes and make them wiggle almost instantaneously. Our use of light energy is much faster and 100 times more efficient than biochemical signaling.

The Human Spirit

What exactly is this light that Fritz Albert-Popp’s research was based on? I believe his work has given us a peek into the true essence of who we really are. That subtle aspect of our authentic self. That vital force that separates the living and the nonliving. Simply put, he has shown us a glimpse of our soul.

Depending on your culture, religious and/or philosophical beliefs, this current of light energy that flows through us may have many names. Chi, Ki, Mana, Prana, Kundalini, Innate (Intelligence), Spirit, Soul, Source Energy, Inner Wisdom, Love, Light, Vital Life Force and Consciousness are just a few examples. Although I will use many of these labels at different times throughout this book, it is important that you understand that what we choose to name this energy is not significant. I recommend that you use whichever name or names that resonate with you.

Before being introduced to Popp’s biophoton work, whenever someone would say that we are all beings of light, I must admit that I would cringe and dismiss that thought as crazy New Age thinking (or what my wife calls woo-woo stuff). Not so anymore. I now embrace it and allow it to heavily influence my daily life. It is my hope that you will do the same.

Creating A Paradigm Shift

The work of Einstein and Popp, along with countless others, has created an emerging paradigm shift. This shift is away from the old mechanistic viewpoint of life to a new vitalistic belief system. Since The Seven Keys to True Wellness is based on vitalistic principles, it is important that we discuss the differences between these two philosophies.

Mechanistic Belief Model: This model is derived from the seventeenth century work of Sir Isaac Newton. To put it simply, what you see is what you get. A mechanistic belief system is based on the view that there is nothing in this world beyond the physical. According to this way of thinking, life is composed of only the things we can perceive through our senses of touch, taste, sound, sight or smell. If anyone following this outside-in belief system discovered something to be beyond the physical, they would conclude that the nonphysical must be totally separate and outside of themselves.

This philosophy of life is also called reductionism. A reductionist attempts to understand all complex things by reducing them to their individual parts. Conventional western medicine is a prime example of a mechanistic belief system because it is based on Newtonian physics and believes that our bodies are a collection of independent parts. In this outside-in model, disease is due either to external toxic agents (germs like bacteria or virus) or the breakdown of an internal organ or system (parts). The active focus of western medicine is to then treat the disease until physical symptoms disappear using drugs from outside of the body or using surgery to remove or replace any malfunctioning parts inside the body. Change the way the part works using drugs or cut the malfunctioning body part out.

This mechanistic way of thinking about our health has trickled down into the mainstream of our western culture. You see, most people go to a doctor or healer because they think they need to rid their body of something that they do not want (dis-ease). These patients believe that something from the outside has invaded their body and created the sickness or an internal body part has simply broken down and needs to be removed or replaced as if the warranty had expired.

Healthcare, from a mechanistic perspective, revolves around crisis care. It tends to be fear based as most advice and treatment is given in an attempt to avoid physical problems.

Describing the relationship between flies and garbage is one of my favorite ways to illustrate the difference between mechanistic and vitalistic thinking. You see, flies do not cause garbage, they thrive in garbage. If you have a clean garbage can, you will not find any flies. The same is true of our bodies. Germs do not cause sickness, they thrive in sickness. We have millions of germs within us at all times. So why are we not sick all the time? Because germs do not cause sickness. Viruses and bacteria can only flourish into health issues when the bodies internal resistance is lowered, thus making the individual susceptible to these germs.

You see, you get sick first then the germs take over. You put the garbage into the trash can then the flies arrive. Outside-in based health care is equal to standing by a rancid smelling trash can with a flyswatter instead of just cleaning out the can.

Vitalistic Belief Model: A vitalistic belief system is based on the view that the physical world is an extension of the energetic or spiritual world (inside-out). Following this holistic philosophy, one would conclude that we are not separate from anyone or anything. We are all connected. This world and universe is the result of spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Vitalism utilizes an inside-out way of thinking and correlates perfectly with the work of Albert Einstein and Fritz-Albert Popp. You see, vitalist believe that there is an invisible, intelligent force that is in all matter and continually gives to it all of its properties and actions. This natural energy (light) is within all living things and the level of health and true wellness that will manifest is always equal to the extent that this inner wisdom (light) expresses itself through each individual.

A dead person has all of the same body parts as someone who is alive. What’s missing? The organic light. The only difference between a dead person and someone who is alive is the flow of life force energy. As Popp’s research indicated, our life force energy is required to maintain good health. The quality of the life we live depends on the quality of the flow of this light energy.

The origins of most natural healing methods typically follow this holistic, inside-out belief system. Revisiting our flies and garbage analogy, it is obvious that keeping the trash can clean is the best way to prevent flies. Vitalist believe that the best way to prevent health issues and to improve the quality of our lives so that we can grow into whatever we are meant to be is by restoring the proper flow of energy within our bodies and maintain a focus of keeping this light shining brightly daily. You see, when you are not feeling well, it is not that your body has been invaded by something from the outside, or that you have “caught” something that you need to get rid of. The simple truth is that you have lost something that is absolutely essential for your body and mind to function properly. That something that you have lost is your natural state of ease which can only be achieved when your life force energy is flowing freely.

Clouds vs. The Sun

Do clouds put out the sun? Of course not. However, clouds can greatly interfere with amount of light that reaches the Earth’s surface. On the stormiest of days, when life on the ground is dark and gloomy, if you were to take off in an airplane, the instant that you get above the clouds everything is bright and sunny. Clouds do not put out the sun, they just filter the light. The thicker the clouds, the less light that shines through.

The body is the same way. If you are experiencing anything other than your natural state of ease, it is because your life force energy is not shining as brightly as it could. Your lights have not gone out, they have simply been interfered with. Filtered, like a cloud blocking the sun from shining brightly onto the Earth’s surface.

This brings up a very important question. If a reduction of your life force energy flow creates a loss of your natural state of ease and leads to malfunction and dis-ease, then what is the origin of this decrease in the first place? The only answer is EXCESS STRESS!

Everyone has his or her own unique threshold or limit for stress. In other words, you can adapt to whatever your world throws at you, up to a certain point or peak. Once your overall stress load pushes beyond your personal threshold, it becomes excessive. Excess stress within you is equal to the clouds in the sky. Increase the levels of excess stress and you will increase the level of interference of your light energy.

The one and only cause of any sprain, strain, ache, pain, illness, disease, ailment or decrease in function of any kind is always excess stress. When stress reaches the point of being excessive, tension is created (which has been measured all the way down to each DNA molecule) and we quickly lose our natural state of ease. This excess tension, in turn, impedes the stream of light energy.

Since, excess stress and tension cause us to lose our natural state of ease which impedes the flow of this light energy (dis-ease), vitalist believe that the only way to create long lasting improvements to our overall health and move our life towards true wellness is to reconnect to the proper flow of light energy.

If you were to walk into a extremely dark room and wanted to see, what would you do? Would you try get rid of the darkness? Or, would you just turn the lights on? This is another analogy to show the difference between outside-in thinking and a holistic philosophy. The mechanistic way of approaching health is to focus on the symptom or darkness and try to eliminate it. Vitalist just turn on the lights and let the natural healing abilities takeover.

Where’s the Shift?

There is a time and place for both of these belief systems regarding overall health. For example, there may not be a better choice in a major health crisis than conventional medicine. The emergency rooms across the U.S. save lives everyday. If I were to experience critical physical trauma from an accident, was severely bleeding, or suffering a heart attack, stroke, etc. I would, without hesitation, be heading to the nearest hospital. Western medicine clearly does a fantastic job of “crisis” care.

However, when it comes to true “health” care, allopathic medicine fails miserably. A 1998 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) stated that 180,000 people die each year of “unintended and unexpected side effects” from taking prescribed medications correctly. This means 3,461 people die each week in the U.S. due to taking medications exactly the way their doctor has instructed them to do so. Let’s put this into proper perspective. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 killed 2,993. We will never forget that horrible day, however, each week we are losing nearly 500 more of our Americans due to “healthcare”.

Here is another sobering fact. Medical mistakes is widely considered the third leading cause of death in the U.S., killing about 300,000 people each year (with some estimates as high as 700,000 per year which would easily surpass cancer and heart disease for the number one spot). Add in the 180,000 deaths due to adverse side effects described above and our modern western medicine kills at least 480,000 Americans a year. That is more than 1300 people each day. Why isn’t this being considered a major epidemic?

Albert Einstein once said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” With its current track record you would think the medical establishment would make some major changes in their overall approach to health. Instead, they keep looking for the newest drug or surgical procedure, the silver bullet that will solve all health problems. This, of course, is more outside-in thinking. Einstein made his energy discoveries over a hundred years ago! Where’s the shift?

Waiting for modern medicine to catch up to modern science can literally be hazardous to your health. When it comes to restoring, maintaining, and elevating overall health and creating a movement towards true wellness, a natural, holistic, vitalistic-based method of health and healing is far superior to the mechanistic “crisis” care of conventional western medicine.

The shift that vitalist are looking for is being created within our current population. You see, millions of consumers worldwide are spending billions of dollars of their hard earned money annually on holistic healing, organic foods and other natural ways of improving their lives. Each dollar spent is literally a vote for this paradigm shift to occur. It is important that we all continue to make these purchases in order to continue this momentum toward a healthier society tomorrow.

How the Body Really Works

Continuing from a vitalistic perspective, we will put it all together in order to give you a clear understanding of how your body really works. There are three main points that you need to keep in mind in order to move consistently toward better health and true wellness.

Hippocrates (460-377 BCE), considered the father of medicine, once said, “All living systems are either growing or dying.” This is the first main point to keep in mind. Every day, your body either gets a little stronger or a little weaker. You see, nothing ever stays the same. Everything, including you, is constantly changing. It is estimated that every 90 days your body has completely removed and replaced every cell in your body. You control whether this constant change moves you toward true wellness or away from it.

Second, in order to get stronger instead of weaker each day, your Life Force Energy must be properly flowing throughout your entire system without any stress induced obstructions. This energy is literally light and is the actual communication link between your mind and body. The quality of the flow of this light will directly determine the quality of your life.

Third, to maintain proper energy flow between the mind and body and to keep growing stronger each day, you must have a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that truly creates good health instead of a lifestyle that aims to always avoid poor health. The Seven Keys to True Wellness is a lifestyle that will lead you in the right direction.

If you understand these three things, you can also understand that if you lose your natural energy flow, you will also partially lose the connection between your mind and your body. This is very important because without proper internal communication, you lose the ability to purposefully organize all of the various parts of your body to work together harmoniously and with ease. In other words, you get a little weaker rather than stronger each day and your overall health will gradually suffer.

The power to feel great is and always has been within you. By creating a way of life that allows you to continue to grow stronger and healthier every day, you will awaken that greatness within and consistently move from wherever you are right now toward true wellness and ultimately toward reaching your potential in life.

Source by Dr. Jay Weber

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