Why, Wellness ?: Side Effects, Risk / Rewards / Benefits

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Why does most of the rest of the world prioritize a wellness approach to maintaining health and happiness while most Americans pay their attention to the allopathic or conventional approach, which depends on using a variety , chemically – derived, prescription drugs? While the former approach, focuses on creating an enhanced immune system, and, thus, better resistance / avoidance, to / of, future episodes, allopathy focuses on addressing, treating, and reducing / eliminating the symptoms, and impacts of a disease / ailment . With that in mind, this article will, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of the issues, favoring wellness – approach, including: side effects, risk / reward, and potential benefits, etc.

1. Side effects: Nearly every prescription drug, has some side effects. While many of these, might be rare, and minor, some, have the potential of having something, greater side effects. Have you ever seen, the advertisement, for a toe fungus, where more than three – quarters, of the minute promotion, focused on, and emphasized, the side effects, including some, which are potentially, life threatening? In addition, most prescription drugs, have undesirable interactions, with certain other medications. On the other hand, two of the advantages of homeopathy, are: 1) Address the cause, instead of, merely, the symptoms; and, 2) No side effects.

2. Risk / reward: It's one thing, to be willing to use, a particular drug, with potentially severe, significant side effects, when treating a life – threatening ailment, illness, or disease. However, that's far different, from having to be concerned about side effects, in treating a less serious ailment! Does not it make sense, to evaluate treatments, based on considering, the risk, versus the reward? There have been many impacts, when people take large quantities of certain antibiotics, including skin issues, gastro-intestinal disorders, and, even hearing loss, etc. If the infection, being treated, is so acute, and needs immediate remediation, it makes sense, to take the risk. However, using any prescription drug, for anything other than serious, acute conditions, until / before, considering alternative approaches, rarely improves overall health. In addition, America's dependence on drugs, has become so, out-of-hand, we are witnessing an opioid epidemic, where people become addicted to pain killers, at a record – setting, scary pace!

3. Benefits: Most have heard the joke, about treating a common cold, where it is said, using a medication, will get rid of it, in 7 days, while taking no medications, but using a common sense approach, eliminates the cold , in a week! When determining, the best approach, always consider, whether the ailment, is acute or chronic, whether you prefer, treating the symptoms or cause, and the potential benefits, versus risks, etc, of any approach.

Physicians take an exam, to do no harm. A wise balance between allopathy , and alternative, wellness treatments, makes a lot of common sense!

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