Alternative Healing Through Psychic Healing

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Psychic Healing defines a realm of activity in which the healer, who is generally not a medical professional of any sort, but a lay person, communicates to the recipient, the ill or wounded, a type of energy which aids in the curing of a condition Egypt a disease. The energy used in Psychic Healing has not yet been recognized by traditional science.

Psychic Healing is a very controversial subject in the modern world, but the practice is very ancient. Probably the most common type of Psychic Healing practiced today is through shamanistic healers of various cultures. Whether Native American, South American, Aborigine, or New Guinea, the shamanistic cultures involve a particular trained individual who communicates a healing power to the subject, sometimes through special objects or amulets and sometimes through the intervention of spirits, who themselves perform feats of Psychic Healing.

In the modern world and in contemporary cultures, much of Psychic Healing can be traced back to Antoine Mesmer, who believed in a theory of "animal magnetism" by which subjects could be infused with a special energy through a series of passes. Often, Antoine Mesmer is credited with the invention of hypnosis, but Mesmer's theory is much different than the current theory of hypnosis. The current theory is based on the idea that hypnotic phenomena can basically be traced to suggestion, the influence of a thought, normally transmitted verbally by a hypnotist to his subject contradicts the theoretical concept of Psychic Healing promoted by Messer.

There have actually been numerous attempts to prove that Psychic Healing can occur. Among the most famous have been the experiments of Bernard Grad, a Canadian biologist and physiologist working out McGill University. In his experiments, he compared the rapidity of healing wounds through an allopathic medical protocol to the rapidity of healing of these same rats by healers, who worked on them through the laying on of hands.

In order to verify Psychic Healing and the efficacy of these healers, who could have actually imparted some chemical to the rats through their hands instead of truly using Psychic Healing energy, the healers were asked to "treat" water that were contained in vials- by placing their hands around the vials, but not actually in the water. The water was then used to hydrate one set of seeds, while another set remained in a control group which was not exposed to so-called Psychic Healing energy. The seeds irrigated by the water treated by the healers grew faster and were sturdier than the seeds in the control group which were not exposed to Psychic Healing energy.

Another type of experiment in Psychic Healing was conducted by a nurse and teacher at New York University, a lady named Dolores Krieger, indicating that nurses who did a laying on on a hands on real patients managed to raise their hemoglobin values ​​as opposed to nurses who just talked to or spent time with the patients.

Is there any connection between Psychic Healing and spiritual practices? One of the most famous scientists who studied Psychic Healing was Lawrence LeShan, who developed a protocol to inducement Psychic Healing. LeShan is a trained psychological therapist who encourages a transmission of energy to his subjects based on meditation.

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