Health Current Events – The Antibiotic Resiliency of Cranberries

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Cranberries have long been credited for the numerous therapeutic effects it carries that are known to benefit human health. This tart cousin of the blueberry family has been highly valued for its remarkable ability in the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection or UTI. It also offers health benefits in;

  • the promotion of oral and gastrointestinal health
  • improvement of the good HDL cholesterol in the body
  • lowering the level of LDL cholesterol
  • kidney stone prevention
  • providing a generous aid for recovering stroke patient
  • and in the prevention of cancer

The discovery of its pro health benefits became the center for many discussions. Today, the therapeutic effect of cranberries is once again taking center stage on health current events as it adds yet again another health benefit to its long list.

You better eat more of your cranberries after your every meal, especially when you're sick, because in a study conducted at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, it was discovered that cranberries also contain a significant amount of antibiotic property. In fact, its natural antibiotic property is so raw and intense it was able to successfully alter the deadly E.coli bacteria.

E.coli is a deadly class of bacteria that is known to cause several common illnesses such as tooth decay and infection. It is also known to cause the following life threatening conditions which include:

  • Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. A condition that destroys the red blood cells of the body. Most prevalent in children under five years old.
  • Central Nervous System Impairment (eg, seizure, coma)
  • Bloody Diarrhea. This often results to bloody vomiting and nausea, severe cramping in the abdominal area, watery diarrhea, and inflammation.

The efficiency of cranberries in fighting and ridding off bacteria lies in its tannin component where its antibiotic property resides. Its discovery became so promising, many researchers are hopeful that the cranberry can be used by many sick patients worldwide as an effective natural antibiotic. health current events accepted this breaking news with bigger hopes. With viruses becoming more and more resilient everyday, they are experiencing that the discovery of cranberry in fighting deadly microbes could offer the largest key in medical treatment.

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