Soil-Based Probiotics The Missing Link to GI Health

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Like most break through discoveries, “The Missing Link” to GI Health wasn’t so much intentional as it was the result of a research scientist’s keen mind examining disparate soil vitality studies and animal eating habit studies done over decades.

Most people are aware that, prior to the industrial age, farm soil (and lawn) grew healthy, disease free crops. These soils were teeming with organic micronutrients and soil based organisms, collectively known as SBOs (soil-based organisms). There is a direct connection between the increased use of inorganic pesticides/ insecticides/fertilizers, and chlorinated lawn watering to the loss of SBOs.

According to the US Department of Agricultural, topsoil (the top 6″ of soil) that grows commercial crops is dead. Without SBOs, which are essential for plant health (as well as GI health), commercially grown crops lack nutritional value, taste, and are susceptible to disease. A connection can be made between decreased nutritional value and the increase of health issues.

A Brief SBO Primer

SBO’s, or soil-based organisms, are tiny microbes that live in soil. According to medical research scientist Dr. William C.Bryce, M.D., Ph.D., among other functions SBO’s produce and release powerful enzymes that sterilize the soil of putrefactive organisms, and thereby help prepare the soil to support new plant growth. Without SBO’s, lush plant growth could not take place because the soil would be too contaminated with yeasts, molds, fungi, candida and other harmful organisms that are antagonistic to plant growth and reproduction.

The enzymes produced by the SBO’s solve this problem by helping kill off huge amounts of the harmful elements in the soil. Dr. Bryce points out that in addition to the above function, SBO’s also produce and release nutrients and growth hormones which, when absorbed through the roots of plants, help stimulate the reproductive cycle in the plants. For example, the growth hormones produced by SBO’s are biologically activated to stimulate seed maturation. Simultaneously, these hormones also accelerate further numeric growth of the SBO colonies themselves.

The soil that grows fruits and vegetables have not benefited from SBOs for decades. Consequently, fruits, vegetables, and the meats from feedlot animals finished on fattening corn and citrus rind diets do not provide the same nutrient value, or vital force.

The 2006 spinach scare is but a recent example. The investigation revealed that cattle waste from the adjoining land seeped onto the spinach fields. If the soil the spinach was grown in was healthy and teeming with SBOs, there’s a good possibility the ecoli would have been neutralized.

Why Do Animals Eat Grass?

Most people believe that they did so to settle an upset stomach. Scientific examination revealed that feral animals not only eat the top of the grass (for organic MSM-an important nutrient), they actually pull at the grass to get at the SBOs surrounding the roots. Why? SBOs are necessary aids to restoring and maintaining GI balance as well as for proper elimination. We eat mushrooms, so why not soil-based oranisms?

Digestion is a time sensitive process; too fast or too slow causes GI problems like constipation, Chronic Diarrhea, IBS, and Crohns Disease. GI health problems contribute to immune health problems.

To quote The Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain “Fully 90% of all chronic diseases are caused by an unhealthy intestinal system.”

One research scientist began connecting the dots about 9 years ago. Not only did he make the connection between SBOs and GI health, he went so far as to isolate and study how various strains of SBOs interacted with one another.

SBOs are Superior Probiotics

During the early stages of SBO research, advertisers made a huge push to promote the probiotic benefits of eating dairy-based probiotics (yogurt) to promote GI health. There are numerous problems with dairy-based probiotics:

o Many people (and animals) are lacto-intolerant

o Commercial grade milk contains growth hormones and antibiotics

o The shelf life of dairy-based probiotic strains

o Stomach Acids destroy most dairy-based probiotics

Today we know that SBOs are the superior probiotic, and that they are essential to restore and maintain optimum GI health in animals and humans. They also play a major role when dealing with immune diseases, as well as the toxic effects of chemotherapy and cancer medications, whose side effects include severely diminished bowel function.

It is important to know that SBOs are visitors to the GI tract; they need to be replenished daily to maintain optimum protection. Truly, SBOs are “The Missing Link” to restoring and maintaining health.

Source by Robert R Hart

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