Four Kinds of Food Can Slow Down Brain Aging

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Although we can not stop the aging of the brain, researchers have confirmed that eating the right foods can effectively delay the aging and enhance our memory.

Blueberry: enhancing memory

Blueberries contain rich antioxidants which are great and helpful to the activation of brain and enhancement of memory. An animal test found that rats fed blueberry extract obtained high scores in the test of motor function, memory and cognitive abilities, which was carried by Human Nutrition Research Center, Tufts University of US,

Spinach: protecting brain cells

Recent studies suggested that spinach helps to maintain the fresh vitality of the brain. Researchers from South Florida University of US fed rats supplies made from spinach, and found their learning ability enhanced. Spinach contains substantial vitamin C, vitamin E, β carotene and other antioxidants that may prevent brain cells from the damage of free radicals.

Pumpkin: keeping a keen mind

Pumpkin is an excellent source of b-carotene, and this antioxidant can help you keep a healthy brain. A study from Holland found that people who take food rich in b-carotene in their daily diet can maintain critical thinking ability.

Soy bean products: increasing the ability of reaction

Isoflavone in soy bean products is considered to be helpful to the promotion of memory and prevention of Alzheimer's. A study abroad divided students into two groups, one group ate food made from soy beans for 10 weeks successively, while the other group did not eat a lot of soy bean products. Then the study found that the former group made more progress in their ability of reaction than the latter one.

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