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Hearing loss or difficulty hearing is a big challenge for a great number of people. Your ears are one of the most delicious parts in your body. Therefore, if you are feeling the slow loss of your ability to hear well, you need to do all you can to prevent further damage.

To live in this day and time, being able to see all of God's beautiful creations and not being able to enjoy the sounds of them would be absolutely awful. This may not be a problem for you, but for many people, this is disastrous. The reality is, there are many causes of hearing loss, many of which we can not do much for, in spite of all the medical technology advances.

Losing the ability to hear well can be experienced at any age, so it can occur in anyone; even babies may experience it. The loss may be permanent or temporary, and mild, or severe.

Two of the most popular causes of hearing loss:

1. NOISE – this cause affects people in all ages. Too much high volume noise exposure leads to hearing loss.

2. AGE – many changes in the body happen and one of the most affected senses is hearing. Older persons have a much greater probability to experience loss of their ability to hear.

The most common symptoms:

When a person starts to notice or sense a loss of their ability to hear, the most common symptom is that he or she can not understand what other people say because it's difficult for them to hear clearly.

Other symptoms may include:

The need for the volume of the television or radio to be higher than normal. Having a feeling that the ear is plugged, which may or may not be accompanied with pain or irritation in the ears.

You may be experiencing any one of these symptoms or a combination of them, so consult your physician as soon as possible for a diagnosis and treatment plan.


The treatment for hearing loss depends upon the cause. Your doctor will know what the best remedy should be. Treatments include using hearing aid devices, removing a build-up of ear wax or prescribing medicine to treat an ear infection.

Most people want to know if hearing loss can be prevented. In most cases, yes, it can! You can prevent hearing loss by avoiding exposure to high volume noise such as music, instruments and machines or when such exposure is unavoidable, by wearing hearing protection devices such as ear plugs.

Always keep in mind that preventing hearing loss is far better than curing it. Take very good care of your hearing ability because it is one of the most vital of senses a person has. Start living a healthy lifestyle to avoid hearing loss right now.

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