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A long time ago, before my extensive experience in holistic health, when I was a saleswoman for courier delivery services with very little holistic knowledge, I had strong opinions about disease and stress. I was convinced that stress has very little impact, if any at all, on disease. To be honest, this is because I had been told that I had a psychosomatic illness that was a pure construct of my mind, and nothing could have been further from the truth, as doctors have correctly diagnosed later. Now as a holistic practitioner having working on my very real illness to regain about 95 percent of my health, I understand better the biochemistry of stress and how it can contribute to disease.

I also had another belief. I thought that the greatest causal factor in getting cancer was radiation, followed by luck, followed by smoking. Stress did not even figure there. However, knowing so much more about the biochemistry of stress and genuine research out there, such as that done by Dr Hamer, I do believe that stress is a very important factor. Then again, I have no doubt that if one was exposed to sufficient levels of radiation, they are far more likely to die of cancer than someone who was exposed to great levels of stress. This is especially so since stress can be released with modern methods such as EFT or modern applications of Reiki, whereas radiation such as a nuclear accident can only reduce by increments over time, and as far as I know, nobody has found a way to stop radioactive materials in the body from being radioactive. They reduce in radioactivity over time, and that time is too long. However, one has asked the question: How many people in the world are affected by extremes of radiation compared to those affected by extremes of stress? I think this is a very small number.

Therefore stress wins hands-down.

So, how does stress work to promote cancer? Well, I have been following discoveries on stress and cancer from natural health people, and Dr Mercola has some interesting things to say about this. Appropriately, even before the work of Dr Hamer, Dr Eli Jones published a book as far back as 1908 about cancer, claiming that the top cause of cancer was unresolved stress. And chronic stress has been found to cause the lymph system to change in such a way that cancer would find it easier to spread. Other studies have shown that stress can affect the way that cells grow, multiply, and die off, and we know that cancer involves cells that keep growing and multiplying and do not die off. Stress also has shown to alter the body's biochemistry in such ways that the blood vessels change to being good feeders of tumors.

With all this evidence in mind, I believe that we can go a long way towards preventing and supplementing conventional treatments for cancer if we release stress. With EFT, this involves tapping first on events in your life that involved an Unexpected Dramatic incident for which you had No strategy. This in Meta-Health is called a UDIN for short. Each event that comes up for healing with EFT will have its own UDIN. These events in the case of having been diagnosed with cancer should also include the diagnosis, conventional treatment, and prognosis.

I hope this has given you some ideas about what to do using EFT or what to expect from an EFT practitioner. You can get a free EFT guide or manual from many a practitioner's website, so it need not cost you anything to find out more. If you already EFT, I recommend tapping with an experienced practitioner who works with physical diseases. This may be someone at the other end of the world, but with Skype and phone connections, it matters more that you find someone you gel with than proximacy. If EFT is not for you, then I recommend that you work with a good Reiki practitioner who is not shy of seeing you for as long as it takes to release your most pressing stresses.

Whatever you do, I wish you health and peace always.

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