Meditation Is Our Energy Source and Brings Happiness in Life

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Meditations keeps us healthy mentally, physically and spiritually. Meditation controls the mechanism of how body utilizes its energy. The body is fit when the flow of energy is even maintained. Diseases generally occur when there is a blockage or inequality in this flow.

There are definite minor plexus in the body which control the energy system. They themselves have incredible amount of energy which is not free until gotten activated. They do propel certain spurts at regular intervals which are always misunderstood, for eg sudden backache or cervical sodalities, headaches, migraines etc. which are due to the unexpected spurts of energy formed by solar plexuses or related plexuses. In a nutshell, the basis cause of the diseases is the mismanagement of energy due to different factors- dietary, emotional, or environmental. So how does one deal with this aspect? The word 'meditation' comes from the word 'medication' or 'medicine', which means 'to cure'.

Saints explains, meditation creates, calms, strengthens and energizes. Given a restful phase of time in which to reorder, the body tunes and realigns itself thoroughly. "Meditation is a very systematic process that maintains a regular flow of energy in the body, bringing all the hormones of the body into total balance, hence enhancing the revival and curative process. This easy and systematic process of meditation regulates the run of energy, harnesses the unseen sources of energy and activates the energy plexuses, robotically helping the whole body mechanism in people doing regular practice.

After that, the additional energy you feel within yourself, can be devoted to Service to humanity. It is extremely interesting to understand this and if followed at mass-scale, can effect in a stress free, developed and attractive society. This will give a diverse kind of peace and bliss. If practiced regularly, it will not only make you tension free but but a different character. Peace of mind! Peace of mind! Peace of mind !! Every body is shouting this phrase and meditation is the only solution for blissful and happy life.

Happiness in life can be easily attained through meditation.

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