The Cancer of Comparing

Published On September 3, 2018 | By Les Ouvriers De Jésus Christ | Uncategorized

Comparison is one of the most common things we as humans tend to do as part of a social community. The reason we tend to compare ourselves with others is when we are looking to find our own worth through the success and failures of others, this is a path which will inevitably lead us to a dead end as we will always find someone who is perceived to be wealthier, happier, fitter, smarter, than ourselves and that will make us feel bad about ourselves.

The most important fact that we know on an intellectual level but have failed to identify and truly implement it in our lives is that the DNA of every person is different and the way that we will do something will be different from the way others will do the same thing. There are two ways that this can be taken, first being that we get depressed about not being as whatever it is that others are or that we take that as an incredible blessing that it is our difference that makes us unique and one in the whole world. There is no one else who will be able to do the things that we do it in that certain way making our extremely rare as a human being.

One of the major issues in relationships tend to happen when one person starts comparing themselves to others and complain to the other person how bad their life is in comparison to the others. This is always a sure shot road to disaster as it is not the life that you would get comparing to others that matter but instead it should be better than what they previously had. Comparison with ourselves from the past is healthy as we are dealing with the same type of species instead of a different one.

The first thing today that you should do is to ask YOURSELF! and no one else what is it that you really want irresructive to what people expect you to be and then find the best ecological way to get it without harm anyone physically or emotionally. Life is a collection of experiences that one has in their own lifetime, what is the experiences that you would want to have that will give meaning to your life? Take some time and think about it, you will be surprised at the things that will come to your mind. Always remember: You have all the right to get what you want!

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