An Introduction to Chinese Traditional Medicine

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Traditional Chinese Medicine is often prescribed to be an ineffective place, while also called medieval cookery at its worst in some states. The truth behind all of these is that real Chinese traditional medicine, when performed by qualified professionals can help you with a number of diseases and ailments. However, this medicine practice has long remained a mystery.

Both academic and medicinal researches, in terms of potential benefits and shortfalls of the system have been far and few between. While in the past, Chinese medicine was more of a skill and education passed down by generations together with secret recipes and ingredients for medicines, in recent years it has certainly come to be drawn as modernized and mainstream.

This has mainly been implemented by tight regulations, while in some countries, dedicated courses of Chinese medicine are found in universities along with accreditation systems that provide more important research and information about Chinese medicine.

However, it has never been a replacement to standard, modern healthcare. Nor should it ever be taken as such. Even in Hong Kong, the traditional practice is treated as a complimentary practice and not as a substitution.

The entire idea of ​​Chinese Traditional Medicine is based around the idea of ​​restoring the balance to the body. Unfortunately, this form of medicine does not do itself any kind of public relation favors by referring to itself as Qi, the exact translation of which will be health or life force. More practically and scientifically put, one of the many afflictions that affect the body are caused by this form of medicine trying to restore the balance of medicine.

While the western form tries to find a cure by means of pinpointing the cause to the disease, the more Asian Form actually takes a holistic and wider approach to both treatment and symptoms. In China, while people find A Western doctor, to find a cure for measures or streproat, the Chinese practitioner automatically comes in when you need a cure to indigestion or lethargy.

Questions about your life, diet and family history easily comes up when your practitioner is practicing the more Asian based form. On the basis of all these answers the herbal concoction is made and often prescribed in soup form. From roots and leaves to fish parts and animal bones, this concoction can have almost anything. The problem is firstly enlarged and finally put to a cure in this form.

Acupuncture also forms a big part in most of the treatment methods.

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