Your Inheritance and Your Health

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You inherited your genes from your parents, along with the "energy" they possessed – what ancient Chinese doctors referred to as "Chi." The strength or weakness of your inherited energy plays a definite role in your level of immunity, and your predisposition to certain types of illnesses. For example, if someone's parents are smokers, it is likely that they will inherit "unbalanced" lung energy. That imbalance will be the very thing that predisposes the next generation to smoking, or other practices which complete lung strength.

The same is true with the liver, if one's parents consume too much alcohol. This is how patterns of physical problems show up in families, generation after generation. But even though you can inherit genetic vulnerabilities, you can also strengthen yourself, and mitigate, or even eliminate, potential health problems through the age-old health practices of Oriental Medicine like acupuncture & acupressure, Chinese herbal formulas, and Chi Kung.

The Power of Oriental Medicine
Oriental Medicine is an economic health care experience that yields results. Many of the stress-related discomforts and illnesses you face today are preventable, and effectively treated using Oriental Medicine. By focusing on rejuvenating and maintaining your body's vitality and immune system, Oriental Medicine addresses the specific health challenges you face today and works to prevent disease tomorrow.

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