Alternate Medicine VS Conventional Western Medicine

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One day while surfing the net, I came across this website called AltMedAngel, stands for Alternative Medicine Angel. The article was explaining the differences between the two medicine worlds which I find so confusing these days. After all growing up with the notification "doctor knows best" has a whole new twist in our century.

From my understanding of what AltMedAngel was explaining is that there are two systems of medicine today, Conventional Western (Allopathic) and Alternative medicine.

Conventional drugs target one area of ​​disease by suppressing the body's natural immune system. They are aligned with the pharmaceutical industry and claim that there is no better medicine when it comes to surgery, emergency and trauma. Many mainstream doctors are so specialized that they treat the body parts without treating the whole body.

As stated that this is the best medicine for surgery, emergency or trauma, it does not aid in perpetuating overall good health. One reason for this specialization is that medical schools are organized into organ-specific categories with no link between them. As disease appears as a local symptom, it is always related to the entire system before you must treat the whole body to cure the disease otherwise you are just treating the symptom.

Alternative Medicine works better for everything else including diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, headaches, sinusitis, gastrointestinal disorders, etc. It states that Alternative methods work by assisting your body to heal itself instead of introducing strong drugs. They emphasize prevention and attack causes rather than symptoms.

It is recommended that it is best to seek a practitioner who has trained in different modalities. You may want someone who is capable of determining exactly what must be done to help you regain your health. We need to learn to use health practitioners as educators, to find the right therapies.

They go on to say that the important truth is ignored, it is not the doctor's job to fight the war on disease, and it is the patient's own immune system that must win. The doctor's job is to help the immune system and provide the tools with which it can fight. The majority of cancer patients who are given treatment for the disease but no attention is given to the immune system as this area is out of the realm of drugs and modern medicine.

The pharmaceutical industry provides a large amount of funding for medical schools with the intent of marketing their medicines. There is a great deal of pressure from this industry to keep alternative methods from being recommended but due to consumer awareness some alternatives are now offered. As educated consumers, we need to be aware of the politics of conventional medical care.

Our focus should be on good health. Medicinal drugs used over a long period of time may affect the immune system therefore instead of treating the symptom, treat the cause, and then the symptom will disappear. We will then experience a true cure.

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