Right to Live With AIDS

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While the promotion for HIV and AIDS was undertaken by the Government of India on Door-Darshan, the campaign was ruled by the phrase which translated in English is "AIDS is not spread by touching, but love is! So fight AIDS and spread love ! "

AIDS or HIV does not spread by shaking hands with an HIV infected person, by touching or hugging an HIV infected person, by insect bites, sharing toilet, from food cooked by can HIV infected person etc.

The disease is already very dreadful and extremely will lead to death, then why should AIDS patients be left to die such deaths everyday in isolation? The society condemns such people by thinking that they are a threat to the society, but if we think logically, then the society is a much bigger threat to them. They can contract many diseases by talking to normal people and those diseases might lead to their death!

Why can not we let people enjoy their last days with happiness and contentment?

Being punished with the HIV virus in their body is a tough enough punishment for their ignorance and carelessness.
Many such topics have been catered to in documentaries and short movies, and now they are reaching every nook and corner in the country.
Famous personalities making public charities to AIDS Help Homes and the like, and the telecasts of celebration of AIDS Day globally is making people aware.
There might not be any cure, but your love and support for the people suffering from AIDS can be great help.

Source by Tarang Bhargava

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